Trudeau finds Russia invading Ukraine funny

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In a head-shaking response to being asked about the dire situation in Ukraine and the involvement of Russia, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau thought making a joke about the potential of an all-out war via invasion by Putin was a proper response:

trudeau ukraineHilarious…

Update: The video from this interview. Notice the smirks all around.


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  1. bocanut Says:

    Borys Wrzesnewskyj dismissed the starvation of his ancestors for personal political expediancy (he thought he might get a ministerial position) by defending Count Michael’s haughty description of Ukrainians-eg”Little Russians and Cossacks in peasant shirts” were defended by Borys Wrzesnewskyj.
    Let’s see if Trudeau’s newly appointed Finance critic Chrystia Freeland ,a Canadian Ukrainian allows her leader to joke about her relatives being slaughtered in Kyiv to keep her position or denounces his idiocy.

  2. Martin Says:

    In the after all we’ve done for you vein, see this rich story from Glen McGregor, whining that Jr ducked out on the PPG without speaking to them. Usually it is another politician they accuse of not having time for them.

    For an idea of the type of question Jr considers worth replying to, see this CBC query:
    “Trudeau did answer one softball question from the CBC about what colour he and his wife had painted the nursery of their home in an anticipation of the new baby”.

    Canadians can rest assured that their future is in good hands.

  3. fhl Says:

    “trying to make light of a serious situation”
    ah yes we see BUT DO YOU SEE mr. trudeau

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s starting to look like the Liberals have chosen another loser as leader, it will take more coverage of Trudeau’s bimbo talk which it appears his handlers are trying to block. Have they just now started to see what they have?

  5. Jake Mullen Says:

    I see a disturbing Cult of Personality emerging in Canada that mirrors exactly the USA`s, that of Obama.
    The dominant media encircles and protects Justin, guards him, promotes him,praises every single word he says or does.
    Even the themes and slogans are nearly identical from obama`s “hope and change” to ” hope and hard work”.
    “Hard work”. The crushing irony from a trust fund baby who owns million dollar cars and servants who has never worked hard a day in his life.

    There is a storm coming and that storm is aiming for Natural law, the Enlightenment and inalienable rights. Americans are suffering the onslaught now. With 3 branches of Govt. the waves of attack on freedom can be slowed somewhat but in Canada with Justin in total control ?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    His Commie Liberal Platform : Deception, Drugs & Debts….Period.

  7. Mary Hines Says:

    All Justin wants to do = is “work” a crowd….. and have pictures taken… he said at the convention… he “drives” the opposition “nuts”. Can you imagine if PM Harper said something so crazy as this – what the media would do. He sounds exactly like Justin Beiber and I think he is in the same world – do whatever I want – the media will protect me!

  8. Beachdude Says:

    What a clown…..former Liberal MP Borys W must be livid.

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    What a prize is this immature little sniggering, unfeeling embarassment of a boy posing as a man, playing a Leader of a political party.
    Life can be very hard, it can be very much harder when your Leader is stupid
    I am sure the CBC will have a special on the decorating scheme of little Justin’s nursery.
    As far as being held to account for his sniggering juvenile attempt at humor, not so much.
    If I was a Liberal I would publicly burn my membership card.
    “Hope and hard work” this from a airhead who has the worst attendance record in the commons.

  10. Menno Zacharias Says:

    Or worse yet, maybe it was not a joke.

  11. Michael Harkov Says:

    He misspoke. He was taken out of context. He was just “joking”. Mean Bully Harper said worse. People will know what I REALLY mean.

    Take your pick.

    His idiot supporters will NEVER get that this arrogant little fop would be an utter disaster as PM. They don’t care, they want their party in power. That’s all.

    • bocanut Says:

      VP of Daisy Consutling and main squeeze of Warren Kinsella Lisa ,the Stepford Wives lookalike, Kirbie first said he should apologize and then tried to spin Trudeau 2.0’s idiocy by saying he assessed the situation correctly to-day on Sun TV.
      She looked like a mommy gently scolding her spoiled brat and then jusifying his actions because he’s so loveable.
      Your right,some folks will do anything to get a taste of power.

  12. Sean M Says:

    Jr. Turd is an actor, a terrible one at that, just like his commie Father. J Turd is so obviously unserious on most issues it’s down right scary. Like most actors, good or bad, give them a script and let them recite their lines, this is what Turds radical American handlers and financiers are attempting to do with the boy blunder. The real worry for the media and Jr’s American handlers is the off script nonsense that comes from this dangerously stupid boy/man. His latest blatherings regarding Ukraine are a prime example of the total and complete shallowness and superficiality of the boy actor who would be King. Scary!

    • bocanut Says:

      Former Liberal spokespunk Winkie Kinsella thinks Trudeau 2.0 is another Ronald Reagan because of their respective acting skills:
      “Watching Pierre Trudeau’s eldest son give a convention speech on Saturday, I thought – as I often do – about Ronald Reagan”.
      How desperate is Winkie to get back into the Liberal fold?

  13. Liz J Says:

    It will be interesting to see how long the meddling pollsters wait for their next big check on how well their shiny boy is doing.
    Aside from Sun News, the media will have already dropped it. Ukrainian Canadians who support Liberals may now have a different view of their juvenile leader. Where is Borys Whatshisname who usually has lots to say about Conservatives speaking out on this matter?

    Another issue the media should be talking big time about is the uninformed US invited guests who attended the Trudeau convention/love-in. Liberals should be offended and embarrassed and the media should be resoundingly hammering them as they would if Conservatives invited US Republicans to their convention.

    We cannot allow this clown leader to even limp through to the top job under any circumstances, we’d be the laughing stock of the world, though he’s considered middle aged, maturity has evaded him.

  14. Liz J Says:

    Headline in the NP today: “The NDP looks irrelevant as Tories, Liberals battle over Justin Trudeau’s Ukraine comments”. John Ivison opines: “If the attack by Chris Alexander confirmed anything, it is that Justin Trudeau is now the greatest threat in the eyes of the Conservatives”. Oh really? Why would they attack Mulcair, what has he said? Why would the Conservatives attack Mulcair over this issue?
    Another day i the loony world of the scribes and trumpets in MSM.

  15. TangoJuliette Says:

    Classic case of a simpleton exhibiting ‘foot in mouth’ microaggression. This dolt truly needs to apologize, to *all* people of Ukrainian descent, including the 1.2 million living in Canada [yes, surprise – most of us are, indeed, fully assimilated Canadians, and some *have* been for four or five generations,] and the almost 50 million living inside territorial Ukraine. 

    His defenders of this vile gaffe stoop to include in their defensive talking points, the statement that “before becoming Prime Minister, Harper never travelled outside of Canada,” implying that travel broadens one’s thinking and perspective, in Justin’s case, this assertion is self-defeating, in light of this callow youngster’s insensitive utterances.

    Only a fool would dare embark on trying to make light of a situation where the agents of the State, no doubt with Russian influence and support, would deploy deadly snipers to the rooftops, to fire “head and heart” shots into unarmed crowds of tens of thousands of men, women and children, in the streets below. Time for comedic attempts? Time for trying to introduce levity?  Hardly. 

    Most certainly a time for global condemnation and a time for insensitive fools like The Shiny Pony to make amends, grow a pair, admit the errors of his immature ways, and, along with all his defenders of the indefensible – apologize to the Ukrainian freedom fighters, and to all offended Diasporic Ukrainians as well.  

    Justin!  No guts – no balls – no honour – no glory.

    Just call me Taras  ~ 

  16. Martin Says:

    I wonder how long it will take the media party to realize Jr. is only interested in how they can assist him. He is a total narcissist, other people’s needs do not concern him; just ask some of the former Liberal senators. Thus he has no intention of answering awkward questions when he screws up, other people will handle that for him, like Garneau did yesterday. Older reporters might reflect on his father’s opinions of the press after 1969. In this case at least, like father like son, Unfortunately in most instances with Jr it is like mother like son.

  17. andycanuck Says:

    Ukrainian ambassador asks for an apology over the comment…

  18. fhl Says:

    I wonder how all those Canadians who have generously donated in good faith to the liberal party are feeling today?
    disgusting mr. trudeau disgusting behaviour

  19. Bubba Brown Says:

    Wil immature Justine Trudeau even show up for work today, and face the shit-storm he has caused?
    Or if he does show will he have colour swatches so CBC can get all giddy about his nursery decorating?
    For sure they (CBC) will not take him to task.
    He is the Leader of the rump Liberals, but still this reflects on Canadians, he is an MP in our Government.
    Grow up Trudeau, you are not funny, if your wife and childfren were in that square would it still be grist for your lame, immature “Yuk-Yuk” act.
    Resign and go back to being a snow board instructor.
    Polls show Trudeau ahead?
    Were the folks polled all in Toronto, or Vancouver?
    I have never been polled.

    • Martin Says:

      The CBC Question of Day “Should Trudeau Apologize” , currently runs at 81% NO. Typical reaction, he has done nothing wrong, nothing to apologize for.

  20. Bubba Brown Says:

    “81% no” apology, Martin That is interesting, in the last election 81 % did not vote Liberal.
    I see CBC closed comments, no actual numbers.
    Now we know where the 19% that voted Liberal hang out.
    Justin hides under the bed and sends out the sad Marc Garneau to defend his latest stupidity.
    I have lived and worked for many years with folks of Ukranian decent, they are salt of the earth, great Canadians.
    Mr Plomondon’s book on “The truth about Trudeau” provides excellent background about the constant “infantile desire to shock” of his Father, this is just more of the same.
    Justin is a very loose cannon hard to believe that serious people thought he has the mental capacity and the maturity to actually be a Leader.
    Miss Congienality would be a stretch. JMO

    • Martin Says:

      What would prompt a man of Garneau’s abilities and intelligence to run interference for someone like Trudeau?
      He can’t be ordered to debase himself like this, is a possible cabinet post that tempting? Why wouldn’t he direct reporters to ask Jr himself? According to Rosie Barton he expected to scrum with reporters today after QP. Let’s see if he runs out the door again.

  21. TangoJuliette Says:

    So the shiny pony tweets a half-assed apology, not to the 48,000,000 Ukrainian citizens, but to a small, elite group of Canadian Ukrainians [most of whom are lib supporters, anyway,] in full contravention of CBC’s questionable and dodgy “81% of those polled,” who feel that Justin has said nothing wrong that might otherwise warrant any form of apology or self-abnegation.

    This apology might prove more palatable, were he to apologize to the Ambassador of Ukraine, Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko Надзвичайний і Повноважний Посол України в Канаді, regardless of Evan Solomon’s cheap shots and attempts to turn Justin’s ignorance-based gaffe into something that might be construed as the being the fault of the Ambassador.

    ~ Just call me Taras

  22. andycanuck Says:

    Trudeau apologizes. Trudeau comment box defenders proven wrong. (Either that or they’re traitors to JT!!!)

    • andycanuck Says:

      Addendum: BTW Blazing Cat Fur rightly points out that Justin has cowardly made his apology via Twitter and not spoken it publicly.

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