Marc Garneau loses all credibility defending Trudeau – his reward, thrown under the bus


I never understood how Liberal MP Marc Garneau was held up as some sort of better Liberal after he caved-in during their leadership race and backed Justin Trudeau even after declaring him unfit (see here) so I wasn’t overly surprised when Garneau was trotted out yesterday willing to shill for Trudeau:

Absolutely taking him out of context. They’re playing cheap political partisan politics, and you know, the answer is that I think they’re getting a little bit desperate. I smell fear. (see here)

Garneau completely embarrassed  himself defending the indefensible and smearing the Conservatives while doing it, so my feelings of schadenfreude  were beaming when Trudeau backed down today and issued an apology after the Ukrainian ambassador demanded one:

trudeau ukraine

Vadym Prystaiko: “You have to be extremely careful when you talk about 82 people who died fighting … for their future and everyone’s in danger. You’re just sitting in a nice room, and talking about things in such a light manner; it’s just inappropriate.” (see here)

In a very short time as leader, Trudeau has left the Liberal Senators, and now a Liberal MP hanging out to dry.

Using Senators and MPs as political protection and then turning them into cannon fodder is hardly a smart move for a party leader who doesn’t want knives being stuck in his back in return.


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  1. bocanut Says:

    Here’s a link to Trudeau’s 2.0 “apology” to the UCC.

    Not one word about being sorry for his moronic comments-just rehashed Liberal talking points.

    Did Paul Grod,President of the UCC find this acceptable?

    Paul Grod is the CEO of energy company Rodan Energy Solutions .
    Liberals and smart energy?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Sorry, I don’t think Garneau is the brightest person in the political arena to come out to defend Trudeau in something indefensible like this shoots his credibility. Let Trudeau speak for himself as a leader. He’s a disgrace to Canada.

  3. Pissedoff Says:

    The report I Read he made it on Twitter not a public apology.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Justy the air head is being hidden away from the media by his American handlers. Justy has to be hidden away and heavily rehearsed in the latest Liberal talking points before he’s wheeled out before selected media comrades to recite his lines. In the mean time it falls to all other Liberals to face the music and dance, up until Justine has been sufficiently rehearsed by his American handlers. Once Justy is told what to think and has been thoroughly rehearsed he will then be allowed to blather in public again, where he will once again exercise his very limited acting skills. Garneau, like all other Trudope Party supporters and followers will continue to look like fools as they continue to champion and make excuses for their boy King, the King of all fools.

    • Jen Says:

      I see a typical Obama like routine occurring right here with Justin as Obama’s advisers coach him, Justin: how he should speak and particularly how to handle the media ‘ reframe from answering any questioning that can be of difficulties to respond. Sooner or later, those reporters will leave Justine alone as they have doing for years with the liberals.
      As long as the media continue attacking the conservatives, just as the American media attacked Sarah Palin for no reason at all, Justin is free without questions from reporters, do whatever he and his mps feel like doing.
      Don’t be surprised that those advisers now back in the States are controlling Trudeau’s every move.

  5. Agent Smith Says:

    The predictibly lame ‘fear’ shtick also seems to be a standard lib talking point – i keep bumping into it online. They definitely need new deflection material.

  6. Martin Says:

    As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject, nobody forced Garneau to make yesterday’s statement, all his credibility is lost. He looked pretty forlorn today, but should have known much better. Actually he does know better, someone quoted him from the leadership race today. Before dropping out he was describing Trudeau as inexperienced and completely lacking in PM qualities.
    Someone else on P&P pointed out what international repercussions would have taken place had Jr been PM. What are Liberals thinking.

    • Liz J Says:

      Liberals are thinking they can run an empty suit with a Trudeau name tag and it will take them to power.

      People have to remember the LPC has gone from a big red machine to a sputtering rump, they need a rebuild. It’s such a hollow shell they have to seek advice from US Democrat losers who have no clue about Canada.

      A substitute drama teacher can put on an act but running a country is not acting, it’s serious business, it’s reality.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    Ouch!! Mr. Garneau looked like a total fool after Justin’s little apology, even the media party were not on Justin’s side in this. What was even funnier was watching P & P, Mr.Silver’s head nearly explode while defending Justin’s words even attacking the Ukraine ambassador in the process. Can’t wait for the next Trudeau gaff which will be shortly, then it will be Mr. Leblanc explaining his buddies words. To quote Mr. Mccalium from a few years ago describing the Liberal party, it looks like
    “Clown City”, I could agree more..

    • Martin Says:

      For a stark example of Liberals drinking the Justin Kool Aid, consider Amanda Alvaro comments last night on P&P Panel.The consensus of the others was obviously that Jr had screwed up, but she exclaimed that Canadians ” Would rather have an unscripted leader than a robot full of talking points made up by boys in short pants” This gem was directed at both the CPC and NDP parties.
      That seems to be the problem, no matter what nonsense comes out of Jr’s mouth it must be defended by followers, as he can do no wrong. And these are the very type of people that he surrounds himself with.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed “completely out of context” I think Mr Garneau was referring to Junior Justins thought processes, or lack of them.
    Predicably the defenders of not ready for prime time Justin attack anything and everyone for daring to criticize this lightweight.
    It distracts from the questions that should be asked.
    Like where is the money to come from for a guaranteed annual income.
    Death panels, this has not gone well in Europe just a little late in the day abortion I guess.
    Justin running out of his convention refusing to aswer questions.
    Except of course from an adoring CBC groupie about what colour the nursery is.
    So many questions so little intellect.

  9. Dave Says:

    liberals have credibility?

  10. wilson Says:

    The ‘ Trudeau is in over his head’ list is getting longer every time the Prince of Pi goes unscripted. His american handlers cant fix him, he does not have the royal jelly needed.

    Trudeau threw all his defenders of the joke, under the bus.
    The whole lot of them look foolish for trying to blame PMSH .
    Trudeau thinks he is Canadas Obama,
    but as commentor said
    ‘ Trudeau is Canadas Jo Biden ‘ haha.

    And the experts trudeau says he will rely on to make policy, just came out and knocked the apple box out from under his major platform,
    the middleclass is doing better than ever before.
    There is no shrinking middleclass, and fictitional Natalie (Joe the plumber)has had a hefty raise under the management of the Harper govt.

    • Liz J Says:

      Yes, it appears the boys in the backrooms advising their empty suit haven’t been out lately, the middle class is doing very well. They just decided the middle class would be their focus to snatch votes from the Conservatives and the NDP. Trouble is they have a poser as leader who knows nothing about the middle class and it’s obvious. If they think they can pass that one off with sincerity, I suggest they try smuggling dawn past a rooster.

    • Bec Says:

      I would like to see ‘FOX NEWS’ dissect ‘his American handlers’ and perhaps wake up a nation. The absolute last thing this country needs is ‘Obama North’ and that is exactly what these people and the LIB, Obama groupies are trying to achieve.

      The disgusting part? There are most certainly people who are entitled to vote, who vote for an ‘IDOL’ …NOT a talent.
      They haven’t cared, don’t do their research but drink the ‘kool is kool’ bevvy.

      In the USA, those people wrecked their lives and many others. Had they voted for SUCCESS, I suspect the economy in the USA would be smokin’……..LIKE OURS!

  11. Stan Says:

    Apologizing for being an idiot doesn’t change the fact he is an idiot.

  12. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals have the gall to be complaining about not being part of the Government delegation to Ukraine…..well HELLO!
    We haven’t even heard a proper apology from their chosen leader for his incredibly insensitive remarks which he apparently thought were joking words.

  13. Bubba Brown Says:

    Apology ? It really does not matter what Justin says at this point, his actions form a picture of a youg priveleged fop, sitting in a nice room.
    He has always sat in a nice room, never has had to struggle or achieve anything.
    Of course his role as Liberal Leader was not won as much as bestowed as a birthright.
    His echoing of his Father’s points of view, arrogance, lack of understanding of the suffering of people striving for a better life, at the risk of their lives, is no accident.
    This is what he thinks and who he is, a spoiled little boy with no empathy and also like his father an infantile desire to shock by his crass remarks.
    I must disagree with Kinsella, junior ain’t no Ronnie Reagan.
    I would also rework his headline ” Being stupid never stopped anyone from being Liberal Leader”
    Are you Liberals embarassed yet?
    The narcissist never thinks of anyone or anything other than how it relates to him.

    • bocanut Says:

      Is it any wonder that Canada’s answer to Paris Hilton is a progressive bubble boy when he was lulled to sleep at night with tales of benevolent Communist dictators?
      Once upon a time- ” a Globe and Mail column, stated Trudeau “was once overheard by reporters re,l; marking to Fidel Castro how much quicker and easier it would be to run things the Cuban way”.
      He’s even resorted to plagerizing daddy’s mindset re the China comment.

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