Police well aware of sexual complaints against Liberal Senator Colin Kenny


Five more women have now come forward with allegations that Liberal Senator Colin Kenny sexually assaulted and harassed them dating back to the 1980s:

“He [Colin Kenny] would try to grab my breasts and I would push him away. He wouldn’t take no for an answer”

“On one occasion, he [Colin Kenny] grabbed my buttocks… [he] would try to peer down your blouse,”

“He [Colin Kenny] tried to kiss me and grope me. He was stalking me. It was non-stop,” (see here)

These latest allegations add to the former Kenny staffer who came forward last November with her complaint and which Trudeau stayed quiet about (see here).

But maybe the most damaging is this quote:

In some cases, the harassment stopped when the police were contacted. In other cases, authorities believed Kenny over the women. (see here)

The police had files of sexual complaints against Kenny and seemingly either just warned him to stop or did nothing by taking his word over the complainants.

Tell me that the RCMP and/or Ottawa Police didn’t do their best to keep these serious and repeated sexual complaints against Kenny under wraps in order to protect him.

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Also: CTV reported last night that outside investigators have concluded that Kenny used Senate staff to run errands for him including picking up prescriptions for erectile dysfunction (see here). See earlier blog post about it here


14 Responses to “Police well aware of sexual complaints against Liberal Senator Colin Kenny”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Is this one of the bigger reason’s the “brains” behind the Liberal empty suit leader’s disowning of all Liberal Senators?
    IMO, this is kinda locking the barn door after the horse has escaped, it changes nothing but shirking the responsibilities as per our parliamentary system. They really haven’t changed the system, they’ve copped out and think they’re going to look squeaky clean.

  2. ohboy Says:

    Colin Kenny, amongst other things, is a good reason to limit a politician’s stint at the public trough.

    Hmm…PET looks like he just got off the plane from Las Vegas.
    He’s wearing Liberace’s coat.
    Flamboyance is a poor substitute for competence … Non ?!

  3. bocanut Says:

    Is there any doubt that Trudeau 2.0 will distance himself by claiming that Kenny is no longer a Liberal?

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Gee CBC will have a question to ask Yuk-Yuk Justine besides his favorite colour

  5. Ed the Hun Says:

    Noticed that the cbc-story references the good Senator as Liberal-appointed…no reference on his political affiliation in the headline at all (because that would unnecessarily infer harm to the already-trusted liberal brand). Of course the distinction isn’t a concern to the often-referenced conservative senators Duffy, wallin, and brazeau. Nope they are suspended conservative senTors (even though they have been chucked from caucus.). Oh well

    • Ed the Hun Says:

      I didn’t mean ‘trusted’…rusted is the correct adjective

    • Sean M Says:

      Interesting isn’t it… I watched CTV last night and they led off with the accusations against Kenney, only referring to him as, “Senator Kenney”… not once did they use the word Liberal, or Liberal Senator Kenney. Bias by omission.

    • Martin Says:

      I sourced a CP story from the Surrey Leader about Liberal Senators, and they take no notice of Jr’s desired name change at all. The headline, description of the leader etc,, they refer to Liberal Senators exactly as they did six months ago. Interesting to see if more papers take this up, calling a spade a spade.

  6. Alain Says:

    Were he a Conservative the cops would still be making public statements, the CBC would spend months on the topic and the media party would fill pages for weeks on end. We know there is not even pretend accountability with the CBC and the media party, but perhaps it is time to investigate the cops.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Kenny is a long time LIBERAL Senator who has been accused of much worse than the Mayor of Toronto yet gets far less ink or airtime. Kenny’s alleged behaviour is not acceptable in any workplace. The accusations, the Viagra prescriptions, paint a pretty sordid picture of a once respected Senator reduced to a lecherous old man. His family must be devastated

  8. Jen Says:

    No matter the circumstances which occurs in the lpc, the media stands by them(liberals).

  9. Paul Says:

    If a Liberal is an accused serial sexual assaulter is he really Liberal?
    Or just a tree falling in the forest?
    That is the question grasshopper.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    So WWJD? (what will Justin do?) A hockey joke?
    A rousing plentitude of platitudes ?
    Will he assist the women that are unable to have their voices heard because the Senate Committee is meeting secretly?
    The Liberals have been yapping about having more women in Politics
    “What stops women from running for public office? What can the major political parties do to encourage more women to run? What needs to change in order to encourage more women to run for office?”
    The quote is from a Liberal site.
    These allegations have been around for a while, I would like someone to ask the Leader of the Liberal Party
    What he knows
    When did he become aware there was a problem, numerous complaints.
    What he is going to do about it.?
    If this was a Conservative Senator the cops would have showed up with a CBC camera crew.
    It would be wall to wall 24/7 coverage.
    Sun News needs to get on this.

  11. Exclusive: Ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parish responds about Colin Kenny sexual harassment | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Also: See earlier post on the police knowing about multiple allegations against Kenny here […]

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