Another lie from Trudeau as Senator speaks at Liberal fundraiser


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Senate stunt has again been exposed as a complete pile of BS as the Liberals are caught having one of their non-Liberal Liberal senators fundraising for them:

A senator who sat as a Liberal before she was booted from the party’s caucus spoke at a Liberal riding dinner Wednesday night, despite leader Justin Trudeau’s pledge that exiled senators wouldn’t raise money for the party.

Sen. Mobina Jaffer was the featured speaker at a fundraising potluck dinner in Trenton, Ont., hosted by the Bay of Quinte Federal Liberal Association.

“Liberal caucus, and riding associations are free to make their choices of who speaks to their members,” said Andrée-Lyne Hallé, a Liberal party spokesperson. (see here)

According to Trudeau no Liberal Senators will fundraise unless they do.



8 Responses to “Another lie from Trudeau as Senator speaks at Liberal fundraiser”

  1. bocanut Says:

    It’ looks like Liberals senators are allowed to be Liberal as a matter of convenience.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Why is Trudeau getting away with disowning Liberal appointed Senators? Because no one has the guts to stop him.
    Our system didn’t change with a magic sweep of the Shiny one’s wand, he’s simply following advice from his brains behind the curtain. It’s up to the Conservative Government to investigate the legitimacy of this silly game the Liberals are playing for their own benefit, to keep their dirty Senate laundry hidden.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Also, if Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau are no longer sitting as Conservative Senators should they not have immunity from all further findings re their alleged misuse of Senate expense accounts? Just because the Liberals have disowned them in party affiliation name shouldn’t stop the reports being made public as to their expenses. These expenses are all coming out of the same pot, the taxpayers of Canada.

  4. Martin Says:

    Solomon interviewed Senate Liberal leader, formerly Liberal Senate leader James Cowan yesterday. He said he intended to continue taking part in riding fund raising efforts, that he remained a Liberal believed in the party, and always would. This is the reality, what exactly can Jr do about it. even the constitution of the LPC has to be rewritten to conform with the new ideology. I’m just surprised more Senators and party backers didn’t tell Jr to get lost when he made his Senate move. Some of these people have toiled for the party since Jr was acting as a photo prop for his father’s campaigns. They can cause him all kinds of trouble in the future, should he falter again.

    • Liz J Says:

      Perhaps they can cause him trouble but it doesn’t appear they’re in that mode right now, they were told they were no longer “Liberal” senators but fund raising for the party with him as leader is supporting him and the party they are no longer allowed in caucus. They can’t separate the party from their leader, their support by fund raising will benefit both him and the party.

      The whole thing is NUTS…only in Canada eh?

    • jfa Says:

      Martin…according to the illustrious media, the Senators were not informed of his ‘Senate move’ until it was a fait accompli! No chance to say ‘get lost’. True? Who knows. Political machinations are beyond us mere mortals.

  5. fhl Says:

    newest Liberal game to compare our Prime Minister to RB Bennet
    this study is interesting does not go back to Bennet but has the 5 most recent Prime Ministers
    lets us see Pierre Trudeau’s record
    we need to listen to mr. jt trudeau is he going back to Dad’s ways in this paper Dad came last

  6. Peter Says:

    Only an idiot would believe that the Liberal senators are no longer Liberal.
    Were they registered as observers at the Liberal convention/ Will these same senators who may wish to pretend that they are independent register as observers at the Conservative, NDP, Green and Bloc conventions?
    When will the media flush out this farce that the Liberals are pulling?

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