Exclusive: Ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parish responds about Colin Kenny sexual harassment

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In trying to get some answers on what the Liberal Party knew and how they dealt with Senator Colin Kenny and his 30 year history of being accused of sexual harassment and assaults, I asked ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish about her experience as explained in this CBC article:

In 2001, Kenny was active in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, a working group of politicians from NATO countries. 

The group wrote a letter to the head of the Canadian delegation, then-Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish.

The letter, obtained by CBC News, alleges Kenny made frequent phone calls to a female intern and female staff member. 

“In both cases, the women affected by this problem have indicated … that the attention they received was unwelcome, upsetting and made their work environment uncomfortable,” wrote Simon Lunn, who was at the time the secretary general to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

One of the women was “considerably distressed” by the attention, Lunn said. The other said that “what began as a friendly meeting became persistent and unwelcome attention,” he wrote in the letter.

Parrish says the NATO group urged her to oust Kenny from future trips to assembly functions.

“It was just general harassment. All that came to my attention was hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and requests to go out for dinner and requests to socialize,” Parrish said (see here)

My questions to Parrish and her responses so far:

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I’ll update if Parrish responds.

Also: See earlier post on the police knowing about multiple allegations against Kenny here


8 Responses to “Exclusive: Ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parish responds about Colin Kenny sexual harassment”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Good luck.
    I still recall Parish saying “damned Americans, I hate those bastards”. Wonder if she still feels that way since Obama took Office?
    Parish may be getting set to replace Hurricane Hazel as Mayor of Mississauga,if so, she won’t have much time for this stuff.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Dean, did she call you “an asshole” or was she refering to Kenny?

  3. Jen Says:

    Mike Duffy who never took money from the taxpayers seem to be the worst there is from the way the media is attacking him, yet this liberal senator Colin Kenny who since 2001 has been accused of sexual misbehaviour seem to be of no problem for the media to report.

  4. Bec Says:

    “but on basis of accusations, removed”.. Really? That’s it?
    If people KNEW about these “accusations” shame on them for doing nothing. I would suspect that lives have been affected big time and principles along with doing the right thing should trump ‘political loyalty’.

    This is a disgusting story, not surprising from the party associated or the media morons who invent “gates” but miss or ignore these types of stories about their gods..
    Not surprising at all but for so many to enable alleged creeps, shame, shame on them.

    • Jen Says:

      Do those women know that they are the ‘LEAST’ of the media worries to worry about to say anything since 2001 when the first one came forward regarding to the sexual incident?
      These women have more guts to come forward than the liberal media ever will in their time to ever come forward to take on the liberals on their corruption. So AFRAID ARE THE MEDIA of the liberals THAT YOU CAN SLICE their fear with a knife.

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