Video: Trudeau at cancer charity event “none of that fucking matters”

If you would like the perfect look into the narcissistic world of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, take a listen how he projects himself in the above video:

“I’m going tell you, there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself – your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty, none of that fucking matters.”

Whoa huh?


CTV’s Don Martin compares Harper to Putin

The Star's Susan Delacourt and CTV's Don Martin. iPolitics/Cynthia Münster

CTV’s Don Martin has been inflicted with the Harper Derangement Syndrome for sometime now but to equate Canada’s prime minister to Russia’s murderous dictator takes his hatred to a whole new level:

Our Prime Minister has spent the last week on a referendum-ripping tour of Europe. Stephen Harper has denounced the Crimean annexation and threatened more sanctions while vilifying Russian aggressor and President Vladimir Putin….

But there has to be conscious uncoupling going down as the same Stephen Harper moves to unilaterally change Canada’s democratically-sacred election laws to solidify his grip on voting in this country….

If you listen closely, that’s democracy with a Russian dialect (see here)

Next, a Hitler/Harper comparison?

Also: See earlier post where Martin called Conservative MP Pierre Poillievre “Harper’s Pet” here

Ex-Liberal cabinet minister joins Conservative Party in effort to elect Calgary Trojan Horse candidate


Please pardon the language in this post:

There’s a political description for the activities of people who sign up in parties they don’t support, it’s called “ratfucking”.

The phrase was coined when Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President recruited members to infiltrate opposition groups and that is what we are seeing happening in Alberta:

In Calgary yesterday, Anders accused Liepert of playing dirty pool to win the federal nomination.

My opponent has signed up people who will not vote for the federal Conservative Party and will not vote for Stephen Harper in the upcoming federal election. They are what we call temporary Tories,” Anders said. “These are people who will support Justin Trudeau in the next federal election.”

Anders said his team had found “hundreds” of Liberals on the list of members (and therefore voters) in the Conservative riding association and he named some.

One, Janice Kinch, ran for Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals in the 2011 general election in Calgary West against Anders. Anders says she is now a card-carrying Harper Conservative in Calgary Signal Hill. Anders said the former chief of staff to the last federal Liberal cabinet minister from Alberta, Anne McLellan, is also a card-carrying Calgary Signal Hill Conservative. (see here)


It is not an open nomination when a candidate willingly signs up anti-Conservatives in order to take over a riding and the CPC HQ must not allow this to go on.

Update: Another Liberal exposes himself signing up as a fake Conservative in Calgary (see here)

Update: Anders had the wrong Janice Kinch (see here)

NDP MP promotes 911 Truther event


NDP MP Megan Leslie had this promotion of a nutbar 911 Truther speaking event on her official website:


Which of course the Media Party dutifully play it down by running defence for her:


Because the Globe would be so “fair” if this were a Conservative MP right?

Update: Sun News’ Paige MacPherson adds this


But to be fair….

Update: Leslie defends the posting:

Leslie says she allows people in her riding to post events on the website as a community service, and she doesn’t police the content (see here)



Conservative Senator caught expensing unauthorized Washington trip


Conservative Senator Don Meredith put in receipts for a trip to Washington DC to attend the National Prayer Breakfast last February even though he was fully aware that he was not authorized by the party to attend:

Don Meredith, a pastor who was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2010, was denied authorization by Conservative Whip Elizabeth Marshall to travel to the National Prayer Breakfast last February, sources said.

Mr. Meredith still went to the event, which featured a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama and was attended by politicians of all stripes and faiths.

Mr. Meredith tried to expense the full cost of the trip to the Senate, but the administration refused to reimburse all of the expenditures, sources said. The decision means that Mr. Meredith will have to personally cover a portion of the cost for the trip. (see here)

Tell me that’s not fraud and the RCMP shouldn’t be brought in?

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