Nova Scotia newspaper runs cartoon equating Harper government to Hitler’s Nazis


The only question that remains now after The Pictou Advocate ran the above cartoon is when their editor either resigns or gets fired.

And if you’d like to send the editor and publisher your thoughts as a Conservative on being called a Nazi, you’ll find their contact info here

Update: The Pictou Advocate has now ran a mealy-mouthed apology in which they blame Harper for their Nazi cartoon:

If our editorial cartoon in the March 5 edition of The Advocate has offended anyone, we sincerely apologize. It was certainly not our intention to offend our readers.

The cartoon was simply meant as a satire, or exaggeration, on Harper’s Economic Action Plan and its implications for some segments of the community.

We regret that the cartoon was not received in the spirit with which it was intended.

The views of the editorial cartoon are those of the contributor, and not necessarily the views of The Advocate, as are all other views by contributors to The Advocate.

From our editorial cartoonist is the following explanation:

“I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody. The use of the swastika was simply aligning the Harper government’s policies with the Nazis. The fact is, Harper has violated virtually every element of his platform which is taking away the freedoms and rights of all Canadians, especially the disabled and elderly. All Canadians, but especially the Atlantic Provinces, should be absolutely irate over the latest budget and announcements which are continuing to oppress the poorer provinces. That is why I used the swastika. There are no religious connotations, there is no anti-Semitism, there are no ethnic attacks, there is no racism… Just the suggestion that Canadian politics is heading toward fascism.”

The Pictou Advocate, like all community newspapers, is a forum for debate and opinion and as such we welcome opinions from all residents of Pictou County. These can be sent to Jackie Jardine, editor ( (see here)


15 Responses to “Nova Scotia newspaper runs cartoon equating Harper government to Hitler’s Nazis”

  1. bertie Says:

    I would jail the bastard after giving him a tar and feather bath.

  2. Liz J Says:

    If it were true this jackass would be in some big time trouble instead of just showing his hatred for PM Harper and his government and pleasing his like minded brethren in that part of the country. Apparently his editor is also OK with it too?

    They’ve never gotten over a true statement made by Harper a few years ago about helping the Atlantic provinces get out of their culture of dependency. I’m thinking we have two LEFT coasts in Canada.

  3. Mel Says:

    Never been out east never will be. But I can assure as a born and raised fifth generation Albertan, my Canada sops at the Ontario border. If I had my way I’d build a huge wall between us and them and watch ’em starve and freeze. To many years I’ve worked hard only to watched my tax dollars go to support the lazy, entitled bums of the east. I’m sick and tired of them and wish they would separate.

    • John Says:

      Your comments are as obnoxious as the newspapers cartoon. How does this crap even get approved Dean?

  4. Sean M Says:

    Sickening! No one will ever accuse “progressives” of being rational or reasoned, thats for sure. This piece of outrageously hyperbolic propaganda is a prime example of the desperation and hatred that lurks in the diseased minds of the “progressive’ (marxist) movement. “Progressives” are simply unhinged, dishonest ideologues, like open mouthed children incapable of reasoned thought motivated solely by anger and hatred. All involved should be fired!

    • Tim Says:

      Children! Excellent comparison. Spoiled little brats, schoolyard bullies, smartaleck busybody know-it-alls who taunt, insult and shout idiotic names when things don’t go their way. That sums up Progressives so well. Pity them. They’re sick and don’t even know it.

  5. fhl Says:

    they ooze with their ignorance
    that is an attack ad not one iota of truth

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    I posted this earlier in response to another Liberal brain fart.
    Worth a read captures theessance.
    Basically in Bubba-speak they know what y’all need
    “Liberal” and they are going to give it to y’all good and hard

  7. BDFT Says:

    These idiots just cannot admit that Nazi was short for the National SOCIALIST Party. Conservatives need not apply.

  8. Billy Says:

    That’s what we call Leftist Mental Disorder.

  9. Liz J Says:

    The Atlantic provinces like tourist bucks during their miserable summer months…..attitudes like this are not exactly helpful, I know i will avoid the area, wouldn’t fit in. Like to think I have more class and at least know the history of Nazism and am thankful for the hard won freedom we have thanks to our fathers and grandfathers fighting and dying fighting the bastards.

    No brain with a functioning thought process could compare our Harper Conservative government to Hitler’s Nazis.

    Sickening beyond belief.

  10. Jen Says:

    I think that media reacted to the NAZI FLAG over the parliament bld, that’s all. Had the NAZI swastika was shown posted on PM Harper- the media would show it with happiness.

  11. andycanuck Says:

    I don’t know if they’ve now deleted the cartoon and comments on it (404 error) or if I can only see the comments if I register with their parochial little paper first.

    • Liz J Says:

      Assume they’ve scuttled it out but they’ve exposed their ultimate ignorance… apology needed, we know how they feel. They could use a few lessons in history with emphasis on the reasons the swastika is not our emblem and they can act like jackasses without penalty.

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