Again, National Post’s Andrew Coyne intentionally misled readers or incompetent?


You would think the National Post’s top political columnist, Andrew Coyne would start to be a bit more careful after the blatant error I pointed out in his Feb 19th piece on Liberal Andrew Leslie (see here) and which he acknowledged although still refused to correct as of today. But sadly, that wouldn’t be the case at all.

In what may be the biggest load of crap Coyne has ever written (and there have been some serious piles in the past) is his latest column on the Conservatives new Fair Elections Act which includes him:

Claiming to be a human behaviourist:

“No wonder the Tories were so nervous. The government had been noticeably skittish about what Marc Mayrand would say before the Commons Procedure and House Affairs committee Thursday”

Slagging the MP who guided these new laws as the worse of the worse:

“Entrusting the matter to Pierre Poilievre, among the most ruthlessly partisan ministers in a government filled with ruthless partisans, was an early warning sign.”

Believing the media should have a say in laws being written by a duly elected government:

“gave media and opposition members the merest sniff of the mammoth bill before thrusting it upon Parliament”

And omitting that ex-Elections Canada CEO Jean-Pierre Kinsley was quoted in the media saying that “overall, a good bill and gives it a solid grade of A–” (see here)

These are all examples of opinion and an omission which a columnist gets away with because even though are extremely slanted and biased, they cannot be proven or disproved.

Now, let’s get back to the factual error Coyne commits:

“It would allow incumbent parties, rather than Elections Canada, to choose important officers at polling stations: yet again, without offering any justification, and with the same potential for abuse.” (see here)

This caught my eye because in my past experiences working in federal election campaigns, the incumbents already appointed officers at the polling stations and I wonder aloud on Twitter if the rule had changed and if so, was it now being reinstated?

So I was very happy to see one of Coyne’s biggest Media Party groupies, CBC’s Kady O’Malley confirming my recollection:

o'malley coyne

That’s two weeks in a row I’ve caught Coyne committing factual errors which gives the impression the Conservatives were doing something uniquely dastardly. Will this one go uncorrected as well?

And I’ll end with using his own words, “I leave it to the reader to judge who benefits from that.”


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  1. Jen Says:

    Just remember Dean, that you have the upper hand over Coyne, you do the job for Canadians whereas he does his job to suit the liberals and soon be their coalition partner the ndp.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Coyne’s doing his job shilling for the Liberals, facts can never be allowed to get in the way especially when it’s something that smears the Conservatives. This is the sort of crap that once it’s out it travels far and wide and the truth never gets fully caught up with it. That’s why it’s done, it’s part of their strategy IMO.

  3. bocanut Says:

    Coyne is getting awfully close to Barney,er,Bobby Fife journaloser territory

  4. Jen Says:

    Not only do they smear the conservatives; they also smear Canada. Thank God for the internet, facebook, twitter, email.

    You know Lizj, the Venezuelans who have been under the regime of dictators have finally woken up and are outrage that a country loaded in wealth can be driven into poverty. The reporters there must be shaking in their boots knowing the lies and manipulation which they had to do to the public just to keep the government in power or else they would face jail time , would not like to be caught nor tackle by those protesters.
    The same will happen in Canada when the public do realize and wake up that the media had them fooled and manipulated on a regular basis just so the media can keep their own political party that has stolen from the public.

    Remembering the words from a Iraqi man to a foreign reporter “THAT IS NOT OUR MEDIA THAT IS SADDAM’S”

  5. jad Says:

    Coyne’s comments about the “bingo cards” is also factually incorrect. In all th elections I’ve worked, the bingo cards go straight to party HQ so they can start calling voters.

    • Rich Says:

      Jad: you are quite correct the bingo cards are provided to each parties scrutineers, to take back to their respective party headquarters for their volunteers to call prospective voters who have not yet voted, and also assist those voters who have difficulty getting to the polling station.
      The voter registration card that is mailed to every household is to be presented at the polling booth; however, the problem arises first if potential voter has not previously registered to vote, or moved to a new address and not provide a notice to election Canada. Second, in a number of instances I have noticed as a Deputy Returning Officer, a number of potential voters do not even bring their registration card with them. Normally when that happens they provide other recognized id’s which we then can check and verify that they are on our voter list. Marc Mayrand and media types are playing politics and posturing for the Opposition parties. Comments are from a person that has worked as a DRO on several Provincial and Federal elections

  6. Rich Says:

    If only Coyne was ‘really’ a reporter he says he is he would not be making a complete ‘ASS’ of himself.

  7. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is as corrupt and mendacious as Mayrand. The “Fair elections act” is obviously a solid piece of legislation that impedes the nefarious “progressive” (Marxist) cause. Otherwise, why would radical corrupt “progressive” agents of Parliament and the media be so willing to expose themselves as the partizan hacks that they are. Mayrand is a disgrace! Coyne is a Trudeau the 1st worshipping numbskull that openly campaigned for the Liberals during the last election, an election where Coyne demanded the Conservatives “be punished”… punished for getting rid of jail terms and fines for not filling out the long form census…LOL! These bizarre overtly partizan protestations of the “Fair elections act” from progressive hacks like Coyne and Mayrand make my cynical side wonder what nefarious progressive schemes to vandalize the next election will be halted by this new legislation.

  8. fhl Says:

    Harry Neufeld report on Election Day Registration and Voting Process Rules

  9. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    Nice catch Dean.

  10. paulsstuff Says:

    Another example of Coyne’s lack of integrity is this bit: “The bill would raise the limits on both contributions and spending. All parties would benefit from this — needlessly: there’s never been so much money in our politics — but the Conservatives, as the most successful fundraisers, would plainly benefit most. It would exempt from those limits expenses incurred to raise funds from previous donors: again, without justification, but again to the benefit of the party with the longest donor list — or the greatest willingness to abuse it, the distinction between a fundraising call and an advertisement being self-evidently hard to enforce.”

    Of course Coyne never mentions the Conservatives did away with the vote subsidy. Hey Andrew, guess which party lost the most money from that? Conservatives. Nor does he mention it was Chretien who capped donations at $5500 and brought in the vote subsidy. Doing away with the subsidy and increasing donation limits simply puts things back to where they should be, rather than party finncing done by Chretien’s petulant attempt to screw Paul Martin.

  11. Martin Says:

    When Solomon was grilling Pierre Poliievre about Mayrand’s testimony 2 days ago, I wanted to mention the 165,000 instances of voter irregularities, found in EC own audit of the 2011 election. This is what Mayrand, Solomon, Coyne and everyone wants to forget. That is not a figure to be proud of, and all of it is EC responsibility. Why do the media continue to downplay this as just a minor detail? Mayrand IMO has zero credibility. The story can be found in dozens of sources, here is the SUN link

  12. manitoba fay Says:

    I cancelled my subscription to the National Post soon after Andrew Coyne started.

  13. Martin Says:

    What’s baffling to me, is how any thoughtful Canadian would oppose the changes to voter vouching. I suspect the 165,000 EC errors included many in this area. With over 2 dozen approved identity form and a 6 week campaign time, why is it so onerous for someone to prove their right to vote (once)? Seniors are singled out as a disadvantaged group, but I would think most +65ers could produce reams of paper ID. Not very many are living on the street. Similarly the recently moved and so on.
    One really needs to ask what party or group benefits from a system where a group of people can be sworn in at a poll with no verifiable voter ID at all.

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  15. da1gr2 Says:

    I find it odd that while reading an article in CARP,it said that the majority of retired people oppose the new election act and in particular vouching.I would wonder who is speaking for these people ?? I would also think being 65 and asenior they have all the ID that they will ever require.Why would they oppose it? Something does not smell right with that CARP article.

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