CP reporter says Liberal President used Trudeau’s baby for fundraiser without permission

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Looks like Justin Trudeau’s inner circle is trying to do some damage control after the Liberal Party disgustingly used his new baby as a fundraising tool (see here) earlier this week.

CP’s Joan Bryden is a notorious Liberal shill so it comes as no surprise that she would be sent out to claim Trudeau had no knowledge of the email sent out on his behalf:

Since then, he’s been home with his wife, Sophie Gregoire, and kids Xavier and Ella-Grace, privately enjoying the new addition to their family. No tweets. No Facebook posts. No photos. No public appearances.

But while Trudeau seems intent on shielding his infant son from the glare of the public spotlight, the Liberal party has had no qualms about using Hadrian’s birth to help build up its data base of potential supporters and donors.

And throw the Party’s president under the bus:

Newly elected party president Anna Gainey, a Trudeau confidant, sent out an email blast last week urging well-wishers to send the party their names and email addresses, along with congratulatory messages that would be passed on to Trudeau and Gregoire. (see here)

If this was truly the case, you would expect Gainey to offer up her resignation.




3 Responses to “CP reporter says Liberal President used Trudeau’s baby for fundraiser without permission”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Unless Gainey is a wind farmer extraodinaire like her predecessor Mike “creepy” Crawley and can con Canadians out of billions of tax dollars there’s really no upside for Trudeau 2.0 for keeping her onboard despite her famous name ,her foot licking adulation and the fact that her hubby is probably Justin’s only childhood friend.
    At least she didn’t describe little Hadrian as a “royal” baby and bestow a future Prime Ministership on the newborn like another rabid big cityified Liberal did.

  2. Liz J Says:

    If the evidence is there, it happened and it didn’t just happen on it’s own. I’d guess given the outcry at such a crass move, using a newborn baby for fundraising. Using the excuse she didn’t have permission sounds like a fixer-upper excuse. Whatever the penalty will be doesn’t really matter, they’re Liberals, the stain is on them, it’ll get the usual brush off.

  3. Bec Says:

    If she was thrown under the bus, she’s done BUT she’s a LIBERAL so if she was simply tossed over the fence, the MEDIA coffee klatch will save her when they are hanging out the rest of the LIBERAL laundry in their attempt to air it out.

    I just think, if this was the family that currently resides at 24 Sussex who had such a personal moment violated, SOMEONE would be deep sixed.
    It does not take a minute for a QUALIFIED LEADER to KNOW when his family are used for a photo-op. These are not things that a normal thinking aid would do without communication, right?

    So convince me, Justin! I call BS.

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