RCMP gun-grabber supporter John Barlow wins High River Conservative nomination – time to clean house at Political Operations


How Alison Redford’s candidate John Barlow was even allowed to run as a Conservative nomination candidate has shown to me just how far the CPC HQ has strayed from the days I worked there.

I’ve held my tongue on my own personal experiences dealing with the CPC party brass about how they tried to stop me from running as a nomination candidate and gamed the election so it was impossible for me to win but I won’t keep silent any longer – enough is enough.

The director of political operations Jenni Byrne has now allowed a Manchurian candidate by the name of John Barlow to be nominated in the heart of Conservative country and for this, she needs to be removed:

John Barlow was literally the odd man out in the battle for the Conservative nomination in the federal riding of Macleod that was fuelled by a debate over gun rights and the RCMP`s seizure of firearms from evacuated homes in High River during Alberta’s floods last June.

But Saturday night he defeated three other candidates to earn the right to carry the Conservative banner in the sprawling, rural riding that stretches from south of Calgary down to the foothills of southwestern Alberta, including the town of High River. (see here)

barlow redford

This is the guy who ran for the hard-core progressive Alison Redford against Wildrose leader Danielle Smith in the last provincial election and then attacked her afterwards using his position as editor of a local newspaper to do so:

Does Smith and the Wildrose party truly believe High River, Okotoks and Alberta RCMP officers conspired to plunder residents’ homes?

The accusation is absolutely ridiculous and Smith who, ironically, stayed in her High River home after the flood should be embarrassed.

And while a nomination candidate, deleted a pro-gun grab Facebook posting and sent out his mouth-piece to ludicrously say his Facebook account was hacked (see both here).

barlow redford 1

If anyone tries to tell me this is a national party decision then they can demand executive director Dimitis Soudas hand in his resignation as well but I know how things really work and this is on the head of Jenni Byrne.

The internal war has started and it’s time to take our party back.








18 Responses to “RCMP gun-grabber supporter John Barlow wins High River Conservative nomination – time to clean house at Political Operations”

  1. jmw Says:

    Don’t lose hope yet Dean. There will be a Wild Rose(the actual Conservatives in Alberta) candidate I’m sure. The PC’s days are numbered.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m choked…Nothing tics me off worse than someone from high-up in the Conservative Party trying to blow smoke at me about nominations.

      • bocanut Says:

        Any candidate supporting the RCMP in High River does not have the slightest chace of being elected.And,since when has the RCMP started making gun laws-re:their recent banning of legal firearms?

      • Lore White Says:

        This is for the federal election. I wonder if PM Harper is aware of what they are getting. Provincially Danielle Smith has this seat for the Wildrose

  2. Guffman Says:

    Disgusting politics. I agree with you… time to take the party back. Though I hope that Danielle Smith clobbers the “Conservatives” in the next provincial election. I have no idea what Albertans were thinking when they elected Redford. Hopefully common sense will return out there.

  3. Steve Jacobson Says:

    Not to distract from your point regarding John Barlow, but Jenni Byrne hasn’t been the Director of Political Operations since August 2013. She’s now in the PMO.


  4. Bec Says:

    Was there a crazy vote spit because this make NO sense ESPECIALLY there. The supposed progressive’s are certainly doing their damn-dest to infiltrate the Conservative riding elections and for me, we already have 3 ‘extreme progressive’ federal parties and we do not need another. Go run for the Libs or better yet, the Dippers in many of these examples.

    I suspect that in fact, based on what I am seeing going on in Rob Anders riding with R Lieppert (another failed Redford flunky) these Redford losers can’t survive without a gold plated pension and can’t seem to do anything else. However I also see the endorsement from Ottawa for Rob. That would contradict what we suspect may have gone on here. I’m not so sure Ottawa will be all that thrilled. Just my thoughts…

    Imo, this was the absolute worst choice but should he get elected in the next election under THIS PM, he’s not going to get a job doing much more than pencil pushing. They blew it in McLeod!

  5. Lori Says:

    This is a real shame. I am sad for the CPC. I am sad for what’s going to happen in the next election.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Are the “Conservatives” into convoluted maneuvering that will lead to self destruction? Somebody better wake up and it’s got to be the voters at the first opportunity.

  7. Fake Says:

    Is it too late to run an independent?

      • Fake Says:

        BC Blue;

        How about an Independent that runs primarily on preparing Alberta’s Response to Quebec’s proposed separation. Followed by getting rid of the firearms legislation at the top of a background platform of social and fiscal conservative issues.

        The Conservative Government address these issue until pushed from outside.

        • BC Blue Says:

          My feeling would to leave the Quebec issue out of the equation and push primarily conservative-based issues which are currently being avoided or stepped-on.

  8. Fake Says:

    Sorry, the last sentence should read: The Conservative Government will not address these issue until pushed from outside.

  9. Fake Says:

    Sorry, BC Blue, I’m no longer with you.

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