NDP’s Chow uses MP budget to promote TO mayoral campaign


Not only has Olivia Chow been caught abusing her MP resources in order to help campaign for mayor of Toronto:

When Olivia Chow becomes an official mayoral candidate, very soon, her campaign will have to pay for its own promotional mail. That money will count against her campaign spending limit.

But, you see, Chow is not yet an official mayoral candidate. As a Member of Parliament, she is entitled to send out four taxpayer-funded “householder” flyers per year to all of her Trinity-Spadina constituents.

She sent one out very recently. David Soknacki’s campaign manager Brian Kelcey posted it on Twitter. John Tory’s camp pounced.

“We have serious concerns about Ms Chow’s use of taxpayer dollars,” said Tory spokeswoman Amanda Galbraith. “We’re hearing from people outside of her riding that are receiving these flyers. Ms Chow says she understands the value of a dollar and yet she’s using taxpayer money to promote herself ahead of her anticipated entry into the race next week. What kind of an example is this setting for council and employees of the city, when it comes to expense accounts and their use?” (see here)

She has also been missing from important committee work of which she is being well-paid to attend:

But her opponents may have questions about why she didn’t bother to show up much for her final Parliamentary assignment on the Commons’ transport committee. This was the committee that spends four hours or more a week while the House is sitting studying topics near and dear to Chow’s heart such as a National Public Transit Strategy, fighting to restore home delivery of Canada Post, and figuring out to improve rail safety in the wake of the Lac Megantic disaster. (see here)

This committee is chaired by Conservative MP Larry Miller.


I get how a Champagne Socialist like Chow thinks it’s just fine to abuse the public purse but what I don’t understand is how Conservative MPs will cover-up for them.


12 Responses to “NDP’s Chow uses MP budget to promote TO mayoral campaign”

  1. Guffman Says:

    As usual with the media party, it’s only wrong or worth reporting if the Conservatives are abusing taxpayers dollars. Everybody else gets a pass. Same old, same old…

  2. ihatepolitics Says:

    Forgive me for asking, but is Chinese now Canada’s third official language or is Ms. Chow pandering to a specific demographic or special interest group?

  3. bocanut Says:

    A great comment to-day from a poster in the Sun:

    “I must say that I admire Chow’s precise calculation on the timing of entering the race. As per parliament hill’s rules, MPs who have served a minimum 6 years in office and reach age of 55 can retire with a full pension. Chow is just about to turn 57 and became MP since 2006. Congratulations Olivia, pension money is in the bank and let’s now go mess up toronto.”

    Who advised Olivia to go on a tour promoting her autobiography while she was supposed to be working?
    I hope it was the same fool who thought he alone could turn Rocco Rossi’s mayoral campaign around.
    What are the bets that her son will run in the federal by-election?

  4. Liz J Says:

    If the Toronto voters are dumb enough to vote Chow for Mayor they deserve what they get.

    When did Cadillac Socialists ever have any respect for taxpayer’s money?

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    Problem is those brain dead knobheads in TO will still elect this “welfare” bum

  6. Beachdude Says:

    She did the exact same thing when she decided to run as an MP. She used all 56K of her yearly Toronto councillor office budget within 6 months, then resigned. Asked about this at the time, she smiled and stated, “Well, I did not go over budget”.

  7. Martin Says:

    What’s needed is an ethics commissioner to tell Chow in no uncertain terms to pay this out of her own pocket. That is as likely as her paying back any of the double dipping housing expenses she and Layton racked up, part of their staggering $3000 /day MP expenses. As she famously snapped “It’s legal”, proving once again that socialists don’t come cheap.l.

  8. Bec Says:

    It sure make one wonder if the brutal attacks/humiliating outing of Mayor Ford’s personal demons were not orchestrated in hopes of this person throwing the hat in the ring?
    It’s interesting how the media party brush off her alleged scandals but beat those of Mayor Ford’s to death? And now possibly using her position federally to get her name out there?

    The people of T.O. had better hang on as this could get very ugly and expensive.


  9. Liz J Says:

    Guessing it would be against NDP “principles” but wonder if Chow would accept a Senatorial appointment? It would be a great gesture by PM Harper and a real service to the people of Toronto who might in turn decide to vote Conservative Provincially, Federally and even Municipally.

  10. Jen Says:

    The media has no choice but continue blessing and elating the ndp mps in every level of government since the fed ndp signed in agreement with their coalition partners-the liberals, to stick together.
    So, once again, the ndp just like their partners the liberals, walk away free and clear. And Olivia knows that.
    NDP Charlie Angus violated election rules since 2008 and look, the media remain silent..

  11. Martin Says:

    It seems as Chow’s entire public service life has been plagued by instances of abuse of taxpayers money. From subsidized housing in Toronto with Layton, to the million dollar MP couple, to this example.
    ON CBC I saw her claim the TO housing caper was all a mistake and commentators including Solomon rushed to defend her. Harder to defend is the $3000/ day expenses; at the time Layton was leader of the 3rd.party while Chow was an obscure back bencher. How does one expend that amount? I doubt if we will ever find out.
    In all these positions Chow was a minor official; as mayor of TO she would make executive decisions and expend executive type entertainment and traveling amounts. Hang on to your wallet TO.

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