Trudeau misspells own son’s name two weeks ago and no one noticed?


While announcing his new-born son on Feb 28th, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tweeted the above, spelling the name “Hadrian” of which hundreds of people retweeted and media organizations like the Toronto Star ran (see here).

Even when the Liberals used his new baby to pimp for money by trolling for data on Mar 5th (see here) the spelling was still “Hadrian” yet we didn’t find out until today that Trudeau had originally spelled the name wrong:

trudeau 1

Completely oblivious and clueless or are we finding out just how dumb Trudeau truly is?


8 Responses to “Trudeau misspells own son’s name two weeks ago and no one noticed?”

  1. Mary Hines Says:

    He better learn to spell his name – the liberals and media are all excited, this new baby is going to make “big gains” for Trudeau. Isn’t it sad, it take this baby boy to bring light to a man who thinks he has what it takes to be our PM?…

  2. bocanut Says:

    Is it spelled differently in French?

  3. Bec Says:

    This should be a head slapping moment for the media. Of all the goof-ups this one should really make them think about whether he could be one brick short of a load. Because THIS ONE was about his PERSONAL family, it should concern the ppg and trudopia groupies, if he can screw up something THIS important but so easy, what else would he screw up?.

    Now that thought is frightening and even more so than it was 2 weeks ago.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Guess drama teachers don’t need to worry about spelling. As time passes we are getting more clues about his lack of smarts, he has already said budgets will balance themselves. Then we can add his stating his admiration for China’s Communist regime. If Harper had made such an utterance he’d be shown no mercy by the media party.

    Doing genealogy I’ve found a lot misspelled names on old census records, there were a lot of people “way back when” who were illiterate and couldn’t spell their names properly due to lack of schooling. If Trudeau were giving a census taker the name of his new son would he have it on record as “Hadrien”? Somehow I don’t think Trudeau has been too close to his “Scottish” ancestry to misspell “Hadrian”.

    Trudeau is not ready for the job, not Prime Minister material no matter how much shine the Liberals try to dazzle the public with. For the Liberals power trumps all, even making the country a laughing stock which it would surely be with Trudeau out front as PM across the globe.

  5. Jen Says:

    I guess words or letters ending “ian” becomes “ien” as is Canadians to canadiens. So I would not be surprised that Trudeau pronounced his son’s name in a more ‘frenchy’ way that English.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    A head slapping moment indeed.
    I have to wonder if Justin is as thick as his hair.
    BTW I have seen it written that “Justin” was actually christened “Justine” or is he mis-spelling his own name?
    Just askin’

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