Liberals hatched fake bullying story to oust female candidate


Besides being caught lying about having open nominations, Trudeau’s Liberals have manufactured a smear against Christine Innes’ campaign workers in order to stop her from running:

In the letter MacNaughton, goes on to tell Innes she won’t be eligible for a Liberal nomination in any riding for the 2015 election.

Innes, according to the letter, had been asked to sign an agreement with the party that she would seek the nomination in the newly created riding of Spadina–Fort York in 2015. In return, the Liberal Party would support her desire to seek the nomination in the Trinity-Spadina byelection.

The fact that candidates are being asked to sign agreements about where to run seems to belie the declaration by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that all contests for ridings will be open nominations. (see here)

But to cover their butts, Trudeau’s campaign readiness chair, David MacNaughton had complaint letters made up bizarrely accusing Innes’ husband’s young workers of bullying:

MacNaughton informed Innes of the decision early Thursday morning, outlining the accusations against her campaign team.

“Derogatory remarks were made to several young, enthusiastic Liberals about one of our leading MPs. Suggestions were made to volunteers that their future in the Liberal Party would be in jeopardy if they were on the ‘wrong side’ in a nomination battle,” he said in an email to Innes.

MacNaughton acknowledged he’s seen no evidence that Innes personally has been involved. (see here)

Liberals never change.



8 Responses to “Liberals hatched fake bullying story to oust female candidate”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Wait until the Conservatives grow their majority in 2015 then we’ll see some real Liberal vs. Liberal fireworks.
    This is just a minor preliminary match.
    Some things will never change with the most corrupt party to ever govern Canada.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau is not leading the Liberals, he’s their front man, it’s obvious every time he opens his mouth, unplugged, unscripted.
    Whoever is behind the curtain, the unnamed puppeteers are in need of advice themselves. The old farts who were around in and prior to the Chretien/Martin wrecking crew are no where to be found.

    When we look at the situations around the world today, such as the Ukraine and the role our PM is playing,.Can anyone really imagine Trudeau dealing with such issues? Is he capable of making decisions on his own even after being given advice? Who would really be running the country?

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Gee Junior said he admired China’s dictatorship.
    He threw his Liberal Senators away, no discussion.
    He takes control of nominations at the riding level.
    Lying, bullying, making stuff up.
    Talk about a dictator, just look in the mirror Justin.
    He was saying the changes in the Senate are “Dangerous”??
    Why would he care, there are no Liberals in the Senate, right?
    I hope he continues with his comedy act.
    He is a gift.

  4. fhl Says:

    off topic link to Harry Neufeld report worth your time
    A Review of Compliance with Election Day Registration and Voting Process Rules
    we all remember this supreme court case about Ted Opitz Conservative MP for Etobicoke Centre

  5. Martin Says:

    I remain amazed that some of these Liberals don’t push back just a bit. It must be hard to stomach being bossed around by such a twerp as Jr. His father went to great length in the Charter to protect basic political freedom, freedom of association and so on. I would think on the party charter, or through the courts, Innes could get a chance to at least contest the nomination. Similarly the used-to-be Liberal Senators have been very docile, considering the independent power base they enjoy. Surely they all don’t believe Jr’s press clippings?

    • Liz J Says:

      The “used-to-be Liberal Senators” are still acting as Liberal Senators in every way, they just don’t attend caucus, they are still going to support their party. Justin simply absolved himself from what may surface from the audit of Senate expenses. I’m betting it’s a deal the Liberal Senators also benefit from.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    So Junior is playing “Pontius Pilate” washing his oh so dainty hands of any audit results?
    He is indeed Liz J not the Liberal Leader just the icing on the Liberal Turd IMHO.
    Unscripted he is a walking talking cliche’, spouting nonsence learned from his commie loving Kulak father.
    He needs to be spanked at a debate where the questions, and answers will not be written down on a piece of paper for him to mumble through.
    His make believe photo with “Daddy all dressed to go to work” meme is pathetic.
    Using his new baby as a prop, I have no words.
    I guess it worked for his Dad.
    Looking back at the spectacle of a man in his 50’s with a bride in her early 20’s ?
    If a old guy had showed up on my doorstep to see my daughter.?
    Well let’s just say he would be leaving a lot faster then he thought possible, with a size 13 super-wedgy.

  7. Angus Says:

    Where’s Lit Pierre? Shouldn’t he be commenting on what’s going on in the Ukraine/Crimea? Oh his puppeters haven’t returned from March break yet. He hasn’t got a clue what to say, do or suggest without someone telling him what to say or do. Meanwhile PM Harper is doing everthing he can to broker some sort of solution like a real leaders does. Maybe Lil Pierre can confide in his Commie buddies in China for some advise or try to define the “root cause” of the Russian agrression. Maybe send them all a bag of dope and this conflict will balance itself.

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