Ontario Federation Labour president backs Putin against Ukrainians

sid ryan

In a jaw-dropping statement, the President of the Ontario Federation Labour, Sid Ryan not only calls Putin’s Crimea referendum democratic, he says the Ukrainians fighting Russia’s takeover are “thugs, fascists and anti Semites”:

ryan putin

I honesty can’t fathom how someone supporting a dictator like Putin can be in charge of a modern Canadian labour union – seriously, are we back in the 1950s?

Please tell me the rank and file membership won’t stand for this.

Also: See earlier post of when Ryan roughly grabbed a female reporter by the arm and called her a “shit disturber” on air here



19 Responses to “Ontario Federation Labour president backs Putin against Ukrainians”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Ryan is 2014’s poster child for useful idiot of the year.

  2. andycanuck Says:

    Syd is pining for the rebirth of the USSR.

  3. Liz J Says:

    How can anyone with the capacity to process reasoned thought listen to this old boor. He’s long past his best before date.

  4. Andruchiw Andy Says:

    Sid, load your brain before shooting off mouth. The prime minister is of Jewish descent, half the Rada is Jewish, and to top it off the head Rabbi in Kyiv proclaimed that there is not anti semitism in Maidan. (see the Israeli flag). And anti gay propaganda is OK?

  5. Sergey Says:

    Federation of LABOR? I do not want to cast a shadow on Sid Ryan but Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovski who worked with classified Russian materials in Yeltsin’s early days, once said the number of Western politicians, officials and even the military bribed by the KGB and working as their agents is not just larger than we imagine but it is far larger than we CAN imagine. Given that Sid spreads Putin’s rhetoric with 100% precision, it is easy to understand who he may be with.

  6. poester99 Says:

    Sid’s an old leftist warhorse unable to look at anything with an open mind anymore, as bad as any of the old Right. Whatever the Putin regime does is okay with him, because it’s all about the peaceloving USSR vs the warmonger Americans. His racist attitude doesn not allow him to see Ukrainians as real people suffering.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    This should not be anything new from Sid . All I know about Sid is that he is a 3 time failed NDP candidate and in Ontario he is pretty much ignored as a professional protester. We all know the type, whenever there is a protester he shows up.

  8. Impaller Says:

    He should resign his position.

  9. gerry from gta Says:

    I am apalled at this retard’s comments. Syd Ryan must of fell off a turnip truck. I thought it might of have been an off the cuff comment that he may later regret — Hell no!!! Go to his twitter account and he has been posting for days very vicious comments about the EuroMaidan revolution, posting support of Putin The man is retarded and he needs to resign immediately — The only thing I can think of is he has getting all his news from the propaganda machine of Russia Today and other state controlled media in Russia.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ignorant, uninformed, and stupid, but wait who put him in power to lead a union?

  11. Tim Says:

    Another idiot pinheaded Progressive gets it all bass ackwards yet again. I think the thug would be Putin. Fascists? Anti-semites? Seems to me the Ukrainians just wanna be left alone. Objecting to unwanted occupation makes them thugs? Kinda like blaming the victim and coddling the criminal. But I guess that’s just what Progressives do.

  12. maxine zakordonski Says:

    F####### off you Bastard ..Who in the Russian government is bank rolling your union???Sickco……

  13. Jen Says:

    O/T, So, the global international is denouncing Canada’s change in the ‘Fair Elections Act’ even though Kingsley gave it an A-.
    Who or what is feeding the globe with our situation when parts of world have serious within their election rules. Furthermore, didn’t the USA elections had major flaws when certain peoples were not allowed to vote-just asking.

  14. Liz J Says:

    Haven’t union leaders gone from fighting for fair wage for their members to outright dictators, sticking their warty noses into politics, telling their members what party to support? This is far beyond their original mandate. Ryan himself is a dictator and a very boorish one at that.

  15. David Says:

    That’s just awesome. Did he misspeak or is all of the labour movement behind Putin?

  16. ndzikh Says:

    Mir Sid Ryan probably did not hear how popular Russian news reporter Kisiliov announced couple of days ago Russia can turn USA in radioactive ashes. It is Russian that threaten the world not Ukraine
    This is Putin that behave like Gitlar behaved back in a days!
    To say something like this today, when world looks with horror at Russia – country which has no fear to start third world war and showed that by violating EVERY international law –
    you really have to have no idea what happening around you or have same interest with Kreml. So who are you mr Sid Ryan – totally misinformed or the one bought by Russia?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Syd Ryan revealed to us that he is uneducated, obnoxious and doesn’t read. READ the newspapers, internet, history books for heaven’s sake. Syd has shown himself to be ignorant and uninformed. OMG Syd. READ!

  18. Yury Levin Says:

    So now I’m “an Ukrainian anti-semitic fascist” Jew from Lviv. Wow, that Iidea has never crossed my mind before, but I have to say it’s definitely made me look at my life in a whole new light.

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