NDP caught lying about having permission from Speaker for setting up offices


The NDP tried to pull a fast one by using taxpayers’ money to help them set up “outreach offices” in Toronto and Saskatchewan after being given permission to set up one in Montreal:

The party currently has outreach offices in Toronto and another in Montreal — and is looking to set up one in Saskatchewan. All of these, the NDP says, have been given the go-ahead by the Speaker’s office.

But late today, the Speaker’s office told iPolitics that although the NDP Montreal satellite outpost was given the go-ahead in 2011, that green light might not apply to new offices the party has opened since then.

Asked in an email to elaborate on that warning, Heather Bradley, director of communications in the Speaker’s office, would only add, “The matter has been brought to the attention of the Board of Internal Economy.” (see here)

Give a Socialist and inch….

Also: The NDP have now pulled the Sask job posting from its website (see here)


12 Responses to “NDP caught lying about having permission from Speaker for setting up offices”

  1. Peter Says:

    ” Speaker’s office told iPolitics that although the NDP Montreal satellite outpost was given the go-ahead in 2011″
    What is this about? Why and how does Quebec rate this ?
    Just another way to pour more federal money into Quebec.
    What else is the speaker making exceptions for Quebec with Canadian Taxpayer money?

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    What is this all about? Why should we pay to promote the NDP in these Provinces? It is time, things such as this is brought under control!

  3. Bec Says:

    An MP’s office is the only office that should be permitted anywhere. If this Party wants to do otherwise, pay for it themselves, everywhere.
    How it’s possible that this “outreach” model was considered acceptable even in Montreal is obscene. Of all places, Montreal when they appear to have built most of their current caucus from that Province. You’d think they’d have more confidence in themselves to maintain that base?

    I saw the Premier of Saskatchewan posted something re this on FB, questioning it so I would assume the whole arrogant notion of milking the taxpayer to market themselves will be deep sixed, quickly.

    • Mary Hines Says:

      If I wanted to set up an office in my area to promote the bias of the Main Street Media…. you mean the taxpayer would pay for it? this is utterly absurd… Let’s get on this and bring it to everyone’s attention – because it has been shown, the people can make a difference!

  4. Paul Says:

    Nothing here…move one
    Just the Socialist party pushing their agenda with your money.
    Speaker missed the boat on Montreal satellite.
    It’s OK, we won’t be funding anything there soon…hopefully.

  5. Jen Says:

    Looks to me like ‘IN OUT’ SCHEME.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Who’s minding the shop, or who’s asleep at the switch in Mr. Speaker’s Office?
    It’s about time we hear more from the Harper government on issues as they come up before they grow to shaggy dog tales.
    Another issue at hand that needs to be sorted out by telling the facts of the matter is the Nadon rejection by the Supreme Court who are far too big for their robes. The Harper Conservatives are allowing this stuff to go on unchallenged, they need to grow a strong set of testes.

    • Mary Hines Says:

      Agree – 100% – but they not only have to take on the cause, they have to take on the CBC, CTV and the rest of the media… pushing, and spouting with their coverage that the Harper Government is using their bully tactics again! The opposition both agreed to Nadon’s appointment… but is that ever mentioned by any of the media… No – just Harper, Harper, and more Harper….trying to change the rules… Well, it looks like the Supreme Court is trying to change the rules and playing politics and getting away with it!

  7. Beachdude Says:

    Surprised that this is not getting play in the media….

  8. Jen Says:

    Once thing Nadon favoured which the Supreme Court didn’t, was for Omar Khadr to serve out his term in prison.
    In my opinion, this has nothing to do with Nadon personally but the fact, he was appointed by a conservative particularly PM Harper. Had Nadon been appointed by a liberal or some quack, the supreme court would gladly accept him.

  9. Bec Says:

    I do think that the ‘Nadon’ story is off topic but seeing as how it’s been permitted 🙂 isn’t this precedent setting? I am surprised that it’s not on the radar.

  10. Conservative MP to make official complaint about NDP improperly using taxdollars to set up Sask office | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] was caught lying about receiving permission to run a “satellite office” in Saskatchewan (see here) Conservative MP Randy Hoback has sent out a press release stating he will be asking the Speaker of […]

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