Conservative MP to make official complaint about NDP improperly using taxdollars to set up Sask office


After NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was caught lying about receiving permission to run a “satellite office” in Saskatchewan (see here) Conservative MP Randy Hoback has sent out a press release stating he will be asking the Speaker of the House to investigate:

Randy Hoback Member of Parliament for Prince Albert and Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus Chair today announced he would write to House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer as head of the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy to investigate if the federal NDP had violated House of Commons rules by improperly using taxpayer funds in Saskatoon. (see here)

Nice to see the Conservatives getting on top of this.

Let’s hope they continue pushing back on other scandals involving the opposition parties as they’ve been far to quiet lately.



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  1. Mary Hines Says:

    Terrific….. It is “more than time” these pranks are stopped and it is people such as you that “brings them to light”. I am sure we cannot expect the MSM to expose this – after all – it would be against their liberals and NDP. They are only interested in exposing negatives against the Conservatives….

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Good stuff! push back against angry Tom.
    He says Joe Oliver is an embarassment as the Minister of Finance?
    Joe Oliver is an MBA from Harvard, has been Director of Ontario’s Securities Comission and also CEO of the Investment Dealers ass.
    Mr Muclair’s financial chops seem to consist mainly of serial re-financing of his mortgage.
    Pushing back is very appropiate, why should the taxpayer be on the hook for the NDP-Q?
    As far as embarassments go did not the NDP-Q pay the bigges fine in Canadian history?
    Seems to me it was over 400,000 dollars, maybe someone can help with that.
    Anyway 70% of Canadians did not vote NDP-Q

    • Clary Says:

      “Mr Muclair’s financial chops seem to consist mainly of serial re-financing of his mortgage.”

      Nicely put sir!

  3. Liz J Says:

    Insulting Joe Oliver on his appointment is about as vile and low as it gets but tells us a lot about Angry Tom. Joe Oliver is a cut above such political rot coming from a leader of the official opposition of Canada, something one would expect from a classless boor.
    He need not apologize, it would be a sham and unacceptable.
    What any of the NDP would know about finance would depend on how long other people’s money would fund their socialist schemes before the country would crash.

  4. E Mac Says:

    Today on Question Period, Tom Mulcair was asked about SK and AB with regard to the subject, and he replied they have been performing this “laundering??” for 3 years running and it is nothing new – just a satellite office. Yeah right!
    I hope there is follow-up to this and that the powers-to-be get to the bottom of this suspect operation.
    It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Bec Says:

      The guys arrogance and sense of entitlement to spend taxpayer $$ to enable his Party’s cause is beyond belief.
      Pay for them through his NDP coffers or shut them down.

      “Satellite Office”? Their thinking and rationale is alien.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Another day and yet another NDP-Q scandal abandoned by the Maggot Media like an orphan on the steps of an orphanage.
    I was out by a few bucks yesterday it was 340,000 not 400,000.
    But hey angry Tom has spent the last year playing Matlock over 90,000 that was paid back.
    Saint Jack of 787 Dundas St fame and his partner would have blown through 90,000 dollars a month 12 months of the year.
    Over a million a year in expences folks.
    What a “Jack Legacy”
    I see Jenny Kwan continues the war on poverty with her “European Vacation”.
    She did pay it back when caught.

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