Conservative Senator caught expensing unauthorized Washington trip


Conservative Senator Don Meredith put in receipts for a trip to Washington DC to attend the National Prayer Breakfast last February even though he was fully aware that he was not authorized by the party to attend:

Don Meredith, a pastor who was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2010, was denied authorization by Conservative Whip Elizabeth Marshall to travel to the National Prayer Breakfast last February, sources said.

Mr. Meredith still went to the event, which featured a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama and was attended by politicians of all stripes and faiths.

Mr. Meredith tried to expense the full cost of the trip to the Senate, but the administration refused to reimburse all of the expenditures, sources said. The decision means that Mr. Meredith will have to personally cover a portion of the cost for the trip. (see here)

Tell me that’s not fraud and the RCMP shouldn’t be brought in?


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  1. Harry From Burnaby Says:

    No not fraud. Nothing deceptive. Put in the expense for money that was actually spent on the service described. An expense form is submitted on the understanding that it is an application for reimbursement. it can be denied. The difference would be using a credit card that you aren’t the recipient of the bill or submitting receipts that were false or not for the goods provided.

    • BC Blue Says:

      380. (1) Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any servic

      • BC Blue Says:

        How about?:

        336. Criminal breach of trust

        336. Every one who, being a trustee of anything for the use or benefit, whether in whole or in part, of another person, or for a public or charitable purpose, converts, with intent to defraud and in contravention of his trust, that thing or any part of it to a use that is not authorized by the trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

  2. Woody Says:

    BC Blue, while I applaud your stance on this, it would be interesting to know who the sources are, and if they indeed speak for Ms Marshall, After seeing the liberal rags use of “sources” , the hair on the back of my neck tends to stand up when I read that word in any opinion piece.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Fair point but I’m basing this on Meredith’s statement as well in which he didn’t deny anything and actually justified it:

      “Being a pastor and long-time activist around engaging, encouraging and empowerment of our at-risk youth was also an important part of why I was asked to serve. Day after day, I am driven to do my best to respond to the demands of my various constituencies,” wrote Sen. Meredith.

      “That is what Canadians expect of me. And sometimes that includes finding efficient ways to reconcile my spiritual vocation as part of my public duties. As a public servant, I am proud of the work I do in support of our government’s domestic and international goals. And I am happy to continue supporting the government’s initiatives.”

  3. bubbabrown Says:

    Why would he attempt to pass along expenses that he was told would not be covered?
    I don’t see any reason whatsoever for us taxpayers to pay a single penny towards Senator Meridith’s expenses.
    If he wants to go down and bask in Obamas aura pay for it yourself Senator Meridith.
    I do not expect you to do other than the job you are paid so very well to do.
    If that makes you mad, good, I am a taxpayer and I am damn good and mad and fed up to the teeth with people like you that think they are entitled.
    You. Are. Not.

  4. TrueNorthist Says:

    Perhaps the spending rules for MPs and Senators should have the following inserted, right at the top?

    Rule # 1: NO YOU CAN”T! IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY!!!
    Rule #2: Read rule #1 again.

  5. Rob Says:

    Ive been following this for a bit. What I want to know is why there is no outrage over Elizabeth May using this National Prayer Breakfast to smooge with Democrats to kill Keystone XL, and attend an anti-oilsands/KXL art exhibit at the Corcoran Art Gallery.

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