Ex-Liberal cabinet minister joins Conservative Party in effort to elect Calgary Trojan Horse candidate


Please pardon the language in this post:

There’s a political description for the activities of people who sign up in parties they don’t support, it’s called “ratfucking”.

The phrase was coined when Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President recruited members to infiltrate opposition groups and that is what we are seeing happening in Alberta:

In Calgary yesterday, Anders accused Liepert of playing dirty pool to win the federal nomination.

My opponent has signed up people who will not vote for the federal Conservative Party and will not vote for Stephen Harper in the upcoming federal election. They are what we call temporary Tories,” Anders said. “These are people who will support Justin Trudeau in the next federal election.”

Anders said his team had found “hundreds” of Liberals on the list of members (and therefore voters) in the Conservative riding association and he named some.

One, Janice Kinch, ran for Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals in the 2011 general election in Calgary West against Anders. Anders says she is now a card-carrying Harper Conservative in Calgary Signal Hill. Anders said the former chief of staff to the last federal Liberal cabinet minister from Alberta, Anne McLellan, is also a card-carrying Calgary Signal Hill Conservative. (see here)


It is not an open nomination when a candidate willingly signs up anti-Conservatives in order to take over a riding and the CPC HQ must not allow this to go on.

Update: Another Liberal exposes himself signing up as a fake Conservative in Calgary (see here)

Update: Anders had the wrong Janice Kinch (see here)


10 Responses to “Ex-Liberal cabinet minister joins Conservative Party in effort to elect Calgary Trojan Horse candidate”

  1. fhl Says:

    Liebrals have NO SHAME

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    Isn’t this how Redfraud got elected, and now they are talking about Nenshi for leader of the PC party.

  3. Paul Says:

    Isn’t that how Redford became Premier? Unfortunately I have little faith in CPC putting the kibosh on these people.

  4. Paul Says:

    Oops…never read the previous post. Sorry.
    Just another example of Liberal deviousness and Conservative pacificism. I believe it will work to the detriment of CPC.

  5. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals have never been so desperate, they’ll sell their souls in their attempt to gain power to which they feel entitled to forever. Coming from Ontario and all the corruption that has gone on under McGuinty/Wynne Liberals one has to wonder if there’s such a thing as an honest Liberal anywhere in the country. Dirty, sneaky, dishonest, you name it, is politics Liberal style. They have no respect for the people’s choice in democracy, they’ll resort to trickery, snake oil salesmen with the cure for all ailments in order to get votes. It’s people beware time across the country, what you see may not be what you get.

  6. Beachdude Says:

    Wonder if Justin approves of this?

    • Liz J Says:

      Justin is too busy writing his memoir to worry about what’s going on in the party at large. It’s obvious he’s being managed by faceless backroom operatives who are feeding the empty suit with a name tag.
      I hope his memoir is as successful as Ignatieff’s get to know me book he cobbled up.

  7. Frances Says:

    According to the local press, the Janice Kinch of whom Rob Anders speaks doesn’t even live in the new riding and – thus – would not be able to buy a membership. Suggestion was that there is another Janice Kinch who DOES live in the riding.

  8. Liz J Says:

    Surely any self respecting Conservative would laugh and boo life long, hard wired Liberals like McLellan out of the room if she pretended to be Conservative. She and other Liberals are playing games to make mischief. They have nothing to support in their own party, they’ve hit bottom so it’s down to trickery and guile as only Liberals can do. Shame on them.

  9. Cindi Says:

    Anders has apologized, it didn’t happen, they were different people.

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