CTV’s Don Martin compares Harper to Putin

The Star's Susan Delacourt and CTV's Don Martin. iPolitics/Cynthia Münster

CTV’s Don Martin has been inflicted with the Harper Derangement Syndrome for sometime now but to equate Canada’s prime minister to Russia’s murderous dictator takes his hatred to a whole new level:

Our Prime Minister has spent the last week on a referendum-ripping tour of Europe. Stephen Harper has denounced the Crimean annexation and threatened more sanctions while vilifying Russian aggressor and President Vladimir Putin….

But there has to be conscious uncoupling going down as the same Stephen Harper moves to unilaterally change Canada’s democratically-sacred election laws to solidify his grip on voting in this country….

If you listen closely, that’s democracy with a Russian dialect (see here)

Next, a Hitler/Harper comparison?

Also: See earlier post where Martin called Conservative MP Pierre Poillievre “Harper’s Pet” here


27 Responses to “CTV’s Don Martin compares Harper to Putin”

  1. Nataliya Dzikh Says:

    These days preciously few politicians are willing to stand up for their beliefs, and I am proud that our Prime Minister is one of them. I know that as a person of integrity he is facing strong headwinds, and wish him lots of strength and wisdom to overcome them. He is protecting interests of middle class people. Mr Harper make me proud of my Canada!

  2. Liz J Says:

    I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of Martin’s screed. Harper is getting credos from around the G7 for his great work abroad on important issues. This tool of the Liberal Left and his fellow sniggering twits, including the blonde sitting next to him in the above photo are oozing their hatred for their own Prime Minister. They never give him credit, it’s a cabal of nattering nabobs of negativity. BASTARDS!

  3. Liz J Says:

    BTW, if you dig around a bit I’m sure you’d find there have already been some Harper/Hitler/Nazi comparisons gleefully spread by the media party. They just don’t get it, too stunned stupid to realize if Harper were anything close to Hitler’s Nazism they wouldn’t be spouting off freely.

  4. bocanut Says:

    “conscious uncoupling” was a term quoted earlier this week to describe the Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split-up
    It shows that Tubby Martin is incapable of having an original thought and has to plagiarize the tabloids to make his moronic point.
    Quite the journaloser.

    • Liz J Says:

      No surprise he’d go to tabloids for material, fits him to a tee, gossip reigns in what passes for political programs since Stephen Harper took his Conservatives to power. It’s driving them nuts, they’re stuck in straight line thinking, Harper is bad, ruining the country, not sucking up to media hacks, no free lunches and tipples. They’re salivating for an empty suit Liberal with puppet strings attached, Justin fills the bill, hell, even angry Tom gets more respect than PM Harper.

  5. Mary Hines Says:

    I don’t mind if so called “Political Shows” have different views, you expect that… BUT Don Martin is so far to the left, he can’t introduce any guest unless he first has to “bash the PM” in some way. I have not turned this show on for over a year… he is so liberal bias…. he eats, smokes and drinks liberal..(see the picture above and who he is with! – she can’t say anything positive about the PM, she has family who works for the liberal party)….Refuse to watch and if more of us would “turn him off”…. CTV would have to take a look at how bad DM really is!! DON’T GIVE HIM ANY RATINGS – DON’T TURN HIM ON!

  6. Mel Says:

    Putin better just watch his attitude. Putin should bare in mind that Mr. Harper is a war time leader who lead Canada through the war on terror where our military defeated al qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is something that Russia failed at and Canada then went in to clean up Russia’s mess. As a result, Afghanistan is now a democracy with a constitution and charter of rights, has a democratically elected government and there are over 6 million children (over half of which are girls) attending school learning to read and right. Canada and the United States are now safer as a result of Mr. Harper and his leadership as chief and commander of Canada’s military. So Mr. Putin is I were you I’d watch your step buddy

  7. fhl Says:

    this is the news media talking points if you are bored and tune them on you will notice they are all talking in the same mode PM Harper bad everyone else good same old same old 8 YEARS
    if you are able to donate to the Federal Conservatives please do so NOW to keep our base healthy $5 is all we need

    • Lore White Says:

      Well finally our cablecaster (Telus) had hell freeze over and they are giving us Sun News Network. What a difference in attitude. They are charging $4.00 per month, but Aljazerha, and a few more crazy news channels are free, but boy it is worth is. I am so tired of all the MSM knocking every idea and any conservative, they can.

  8. Alexander Fernandes (@Spin_Assassin) Says:

    These twerps really can do nothing else. Everything that is bad is Harper. When Rob Ford is in the news Harper is like Rob Ford. Putin is in the news so Harper is like Putin. He can’t be both, SO WHICH IS IT???? At least the media is to stupid to gets its false narratives straight.

  9. Joseph Says:

    I didn’t realize just how badly Martin wants to compete against those icons of journalistic integrity TMZ until now.

  10. bocanut Says:

    From the Home at Hespeler blog talking about the Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split-up:
    ” It is interesting that when you use a phrase like “conscious uncoupling” you’re really unconsciously telling the world you have disassociated from reality.”
    Sounds like Tubby Martin alright.

  11. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    So proud of PM Harper for standing up for Ukraine and Israel. Don’t see Obama placing flowers in Independence Square to the freedom fighters. Hell would freeze over first.

  12. Bubba Brown Says:

    Haper Derangment Syndrome consiously coupled with the Laff a minute Liberano crime family “Hair apparent” a “cluster of cluelessness” of epic proportions.
    Just imagine Junior the Taliban loving Liberal Leader dealing with the economy the last 6 years.
    Of course the budget would have balanced it self and if the Russians had only won Gold they would not be in the Crimea.
    Imagine the little Dauphin meeting Putin.
    PM Harper ignores the riff raff because they really are nobodys. if they never ever showed up for work again would anybody notice?

  13. bertie Says:

    This moron is deranged and filled with hatred.He should be watched carefully by the RCMP,he could go off the deep end anytime,or has he already?Why do we allow this sort of journalism??Let us quit saying our ancesters fought for our right to be able to disagree and be different.This is borderline insanity,it is not a disagreement about anything,it is out and out hatred.Do we not have a HATE law in Canada that can stop this MORON.

  14. Sandra O'Reilly Says:

    The best way to deal with the likes of Martin is by turning your TV off. I have not watched CTV or CBC in 2 years.

    Hit them where it hurts, their pocket book. Plus your blood pressure will return to normal. Cheers.

    • Mary Hines Says:

      Sandra is so right – I belong to a group – and that is what we are pushing and promoting… every time you turn them on – it only gives them positive ratings…. bob Fife is another one… with his smirks and liberal panel of Trudeau lovers…. leave him in the sinders….

    • Clary Says:

      You are so right. Canceled cable a month ago. Watch everything online. No more paying for CBC news world or CTV News Channel against my will.Bell can go straight to hell.

  15. Martin Says:

    The campaign against the Harper government started in the Toronto media on May 3, 2011. CTV was always a huge part of that agenda, whether because of the majority owners or for what ever reason. For the first 21/2 years this consisted mainly of looking to redo the election with court challenges, stories of stolen election voter fraud etc. That is in the past and the new focus is on 2015 and whoever Liberals run as a candidate. It will be Trudeau Jr, but to CTV it wouldn’t matter if it was Justin Trudeau or Margaret Trudeau, anybody but PMSH. That I think is the sorry part of this story.
    As for Martin, I honestly don’t think he has much leeway with the CTV producers and management. I have heard him mention losing his home under Trudeau Sr’s NEP. He can’t feel much personal warmth for Jr and the LPC.
    That is unlike his photo sidekick, she of the ridiculous yellow rug, who has long held a personal hatred of PMSH and all that he represents.

  16. Liz J Says:

    Martin is bad but no one compares to Solomon on CBC, he oozes hatred for all things Conservative. Sadly we pay for his biased screed as long as CBC remains on the public teat whether we tune it out or not.
    Does anyone know what we pay these trumpets for the Liberal/Left? Still can’t find out what I’m Peter Mansbridge and You’re Not is paid to read the news.

  17. Mary Hines Says:

    Liz – you are right…. Evan is unbelievable. Even fill-in Rosie is almost as bad… The nomination troubles…. Rosie said she didn’t want to talk much about Trudeau’s troubles… but it was okay to go on and on about Eve, the Conservative…. It is okay for Evan to have 3 months of Mike Duffy… and the $90,000 that was paid back to the taxpayer… but the liberals in Ontario… 1 Billion lost and never to be repaid and maybe 10 minutes total on this subject…even Peter had special panels to bash the Conservatives… on Duffy, nothing about the taxpayers 1 billion missing. The premier resigned, thinking he could walk away with nothing attached….the liberal media thinks that is okay…. What a joke they have become! As far as what we pay… we pay that liberal panel of Peters $500 a crack each for their liberal bias….

  18. Stan Says:

    Last year the media told us there were 38,000 complaints about th 2011 election, now they are insisting everything was ok.
    They wouldn’t just make things up, would they?

  19. Harkov Says:

    Thats okay…..Martin can pretend that a Canadian Prime Minister equates to a war mongering ideologue as long as he can keep pretending that he is a real journalist.

  20. Paul Says:

    Dmitri Soudas is the top story on CBC…what @ Wynne?
    Oh yeah…she’s a Liberal.

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