Liberal Bob Rae calls Conservatives anti-immigration racists


The guy who is paid by Elections Canada  as a “non-partisan expert” to advise their CEO Marc Mayrand (see here) took to Twitter today and did a drive-by smear of the Conservatives over the foreign workers program:


Employment Minister Jason Kenney put a beating on Rae (see here) but just don’t expect the Media Party to stop calling Rae a statesman (see here) and start calling him the race-baiting low-life that he really is.




My complaint filed with CBC Ombudsman for reporters accepting cash prizes from US union organization

swain gilbert sawa

Sent today to CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin:

I was troubled to learn that CBC journalists have been accepting awards from the Sidney Hillman Foundation, a left-leaning US organization that claims to honour journalists who provide “deep storytelling in service of the common good.” The organization’s board is heavily dominated by union executives allied with the Democratic Party, and indeed, the organization’s very logo is based on the famous “O” logo of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

I believe it is important that journalists working for Canada’s public broadcaster do their utmost to maintain a political, partisan, and ideological neutrality in the course of their duties, and I believe that neutrality is compromised when journalists accept awards from openly ideological organizations such as the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Such acts undermine public faith in the CBC’s ability to remain objective and unbiased in the course of their reporting, which is critical to the organization’s legitimacy as a taxpayer-funded institution designed to serve all Canadians, regardless of political loyalty.

Does accepting cash awards and free trips not break the CBC’s conflict of interest guidelines and are there other partisan organizations that give similar prizes to CBC journalists?

US workers union foundation paying-off Canadian journos like Postmedia’s Maher and McGregor w/ cash prizes

mcregor maher stanford

I follow the Canadian media pretty closely but was shocked to learn from a tweet by Sun News’ Ezra Levant that Postmedia’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher had won $5,000 cash prizes for their robocall stories:


Turns out this foundation is a United Workers union backed organization (see here) which started giving out cash to Canadian journos in 2011 (see here).

And take a look at who the judges are:

Tony Burman is former head of Al Jazeera English and CBC News, and now teaches at Ryerson University’s  School of Journalism. He also writes a weekly column on world affairs for The Toronto Star. (see here)

You can flip through their prize ceremony photos here (the above photo of Maher and McGregor with Canadian Auto Workers’ Jim Stanford was taken from) to see other Canadian journos in attendance as it’s not just Postmedia journos getting cash prizes from this union group – here is some from the CBC including Diana Swain:

swain gilbert sawa

Question is (including the anti-Conservative eco-groups) just exactly how much US money coming through Lefty foundations is influencing the political discourse in Canada?

Photo: Redford caught vacationing in Palm Springs

The above photo of disgraced ex-Alberta premier Alison Redford dining in Palm Springs with her daughter was tweeted by Edmonton Sun reporter Matt Dykstra so I assume it has been verified.

Redford hasn’t shown up for work since resigning amid expense abuse scandals (see here) but is being allowed to continue collecting a pay-cheque.

If this is a non-sanctioned holiday I would imagine it a criminal offence for Redford to be receiving her salary.

Stay tuned as this could get good.

Update: Leigh Patrick was the one who broke this (see here)

Will Postmedia reporters Maher and McGregor now give back Robocall media awards?

mcgregor maher

The photo above was taken after Postmedia journalists Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher were given an award for their ongoing reporting of the robocall scandal – they are dancing to a “Pierre Poutine song inspired by the journalists’ robocall investigation”. I’m not kidding (see here).

So when Sun News’ Ezra Levant asked today if Maher and McGregor will be giving back these media awards (see here apx 16:00 mark) it’s not a rhetorical question.


Think about it, these two won multiple news media awards for a story that never happened.

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