BC Media Party protects Christy Clark – refuses to report on connections to biggest Canadian political scandal

faist miller

Not only has the Media Party’s cone-of-silence descended here in BC over Christy Clark hiring Dalton McGuinty staffer Laura Miller as the Liberal’s executive director and defending her refusal to be interviewed by the Ontario Police, some are actively running defence.

In the week since this broke, there have been just 3 BC media organizations that have posted stories on the BC Liberal connection to the Ontario Liberal’s having government computer hard drives wiped clean.

1) The Tyee (see here)

2) Vancouver 24Hours (see here)

3) Vancouver Sun (see here). You’ll notice this story was from Ottawa-based Peter O’Neil

Then there are Liberal water carriers like Global’s top BC political journo Keith Baldrey trying to ensure no reporter runs any more stories by spreading this blatantly misleading theme:

baldrey laura miller

Laura Miller did speak to the OPP last September but as testimony today verifies, has refused to do so since:

miller faist livingston

But maybe worse of all was the Globe and Mail editing out in its BC edition the portion of the story that mentioned Christy Clark:

stead spector miller

And for anyone trying to say they have had no opportunity to ask Clark, here’s the Victoria-based media scrumming Clark yesterday:

clark media scrum

From reading their Twitter time-lines, not one question about Miller.

Maybe all this is just me wearing my conspiratorial tin-foil hat again and there is no such thing as a Media Party actively shaping what the public gets to learn through them about politics. Right?

Update: The Globe has finally ran a small piece on it (see here)




10 Responses to “BC Media Party protects Christy Clark – refuses to report on connections to biggest Canadian political scandal”

  1. bocanut Says:

    I wish some one could find and post Laura Miller’s “testimony” before the gas plant inquiry.
    If there has ever been an attitude that accurately displays the in bred Liberal arrogance it was Laura Miller dismissing questions with her haughty nose stuck up in the air.

  2. PO'ed in AB Says:

    “Hire to Fire” contract…Big Severance for when the heat’s on and she has to go away. Christy, like Redford et al, scratch political backs in other provinces for failed bureaucrats. They are passed around like cheap dates it seems. West Coast Lifestyle looks good, better than Toronto this winter. Hi ho.

    One of our recent fires (from Ontario no less) is suing the Alberta government for $6 million right now. Guess they weren’t supposed to be fired and the severance in their “Hire to Fire” contract was too little to keep them in the lifestyle that they had become accustomed to. Well, you signed that contract sport.

    Entitled to our entitlements. Got gum?

  3. Liz J Says:

    Ontar-I-owe, mounted on a steaming pile of scandal and what might be considered political corruption by people with a strong sense of ethics, is a national disgrace and an economic disaster beyond anything we’ve seen in our history.
    In all of this they are propped up by their lefty brethren/partners in crime. Meanwhile the dumbass, self defeating Conservatives continue to bad mouth the leader they chose to lead them, resulting in the Liberals leading in the polls.

    Ontario is a write-off, the people are not able to see past their own doors, with the Liberal goodies handed out to key areas it’s running on a what’s-in-it-for-me mode, to hell with everything else.

    • WTF Says:

      Ontario isn’t a write-off. Toronto – AKA ‘The Center of the Universe’ is a write off. It has come time for Toronto to Separate from Ontario. Toronto considers the rest of the Province as raw material for its existence (see wind turbines) and a place to relax (see Muskoka). If there was a vote for the rest of Ontario to separate from Tarana I’d be a big YES! Don’t even like looking at the place on a map.

  4. Martin Says:

    Both Miller and her boyfriend Faist are subject to subpoena to testify before the Ont justice committee on the gas plant hearings. I understand from PC statements last week they will be served notices and brought before the committee. I don’t think they can avoid the issue by simply moving to BC. Worse for Miller’s image with taxpayers, she collected over $150,000 in severance pay for about 2 months work for Dalton McGuinty in 2013. Her name came up in Ont Sunshine list of high end public service earners, See here :

    Wynne claimed last Thur never to have heard of Faist, but later amended that to saying he worked for the Liberal Caucus and the Party. This just before he was fired,
    Lots to come yet from this story, but certainly not from CBC/CTV news.

  5. Alain Says:

    A bit of wisdom would call for total disassociation with the Ontario Liberals and anyone attached to them, but it seems that bit of wisdom has escaped our premier. MSM have no credibility, so their behaviour does not surprise.

  6. Sean M Says:

    The rampant corruption that permeates throughout provincial legislatures in this country is appalling and nowhere is that more evident then in the big 3 Provinces Quebec, Ontario and BC… Alberta too with Redfraud. This corruption is allowed, aided and abetted by a lazy, ideologically alike media class… Baldry being a classic example of this corruption with his “nothing to see here” attitude. With possibly the exception of the separatist bigot Marios, the one thing they all have in common is their “progressive” ideology. Clark is as corrupt as they come, so her hiring of a rat from the corrupt McGuinty regime is par for the course, ideological comrades that are allowed to walk between the raindrops by an equally corrupt media. Sickening!

  7. yukoneze@yahoo.ca Says:

    Of course you’re right…It’s what they don’t tell the public, is the greatest sin! I’m using the thickest tin foil available now a day’s! Might switch to a pie plate soon! :/

  8. Jen Says:

    O/T, Justin exclusive interview with Salam Toronto:

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