Elections Canada also paying Sheila Fraser and Bob Rae big bucks to trash Conservatives


Serves me right for stopping for lunch as Postmedia’s Glen McGregor beat me to my next blog post on Elections Canada paying people to speak out against the Fair Elections Act:

Former auditor-general Sheila Fraser could be paid up to $65,000 by Elections Canada for providing advice on electoral reform and co-chairing a panel that has met only twice.

Fraser was last year named as co-chair of a blue-chip advisory panel that is to give advice to Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand on supporting democracy and overhauling the elections system.

This week, she made headlines by emphatically denouncing the Conservative government’s Fair Elections Act, saying the legislation would amount to “an attack on our democracy.”

And that’s not all who received some cash to go after this bill through the media:

Her co-chair on the panel, former Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie, could earn even more, up to the $68,914.

Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning, former Liberal MP Bob Rae, and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow are all contracted for payments of more than $34,000 over the three-month period. (see here)

That’s just shy of $500,000 of taxpayers’ money Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand has handed out when you add the $262,000 given to Harry Nuefeld (see here) for his part in this obviously preconceived gambit to attack the Conservatives and save his fiefdom.

Absolutely shameful.



Elections Canada paid Harry Neufeld $261,954 to trash Conservative’s Fair Election Act

neufeld 2

One thing that I learned long ago in politics is that when someone pays a consultant for a report, the outcome of it will be to the liking of the one who is paying for it.

Case in point was Elections Canada paying ex-Elections BC CEO Harry Neufeld to author a report in which he condemns the Conservative’s new Election Act bill:

Harry Neufeld, the author of the report often cited by government officials to support its proposed changes to Canadian election laws, says the government has to amend its election reform bill or kill it.

And of course Neufeld was happy to tell how much he hated it to the Ottawa Press Gallery:

The elections expert also fears half a million people could be disenfranchised based on changes included in the Conservative government’s Bill C-23, he told reporters following his appearance before the procedure and House affairs committee Thursday. (see here)

But what Nuefeld didn’t mention to the Media Party of course was how much he was given by Elections Canada:

neufeld 1neufeld(see here and here)

Tell me that for $262,000, Neufeld’s report was going to go against Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand’s biased view.

Stay tuned as I have some more examples of Mayrand paying people who then attack the Conservatives.



Ousted Liberal candidate Christine Innes calls Trudeau a liar


Christine Innes is not going away quietly as she has now sent out a letter contradicting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau version of events where he removed her as a candidate:

In the letter accompanying the emails, Innes states: “At no time were the details of any of the allegations made by David MacNaughton shared with me, nor was I provided any opportunity to respond.”

Trudeau campaign officials insist that Innes was made aware of the complaints as far back as February, in face-to-face meetings, if not emails.

And Innes is threatening to sue:

“Friends and colleagues in the legal community have offered to support me in legal action. This support has overwhelmed me and will require some careful thought and reflection in the days to come.” (see here)

Love it.

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