Elections Canada paid Harry Neufeld $261,954 to trash Conservative’s Fair Election Act

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One thing that I learned long ago in politics is that when someone pays a consultant for a report, the outcome of it will be to the liking of the one who is paying for it.

Case in point was Elections Canada paying ex-Elections BC CEO Harry Neufeld to author a report in which he condemns the Conservative’s new Election Act bill:

Harry Neufeld, the author of the report often cited by government officials to support its proposed changes to Canadian election laws, says the government has to amend its election reform bill or kill it.

And of course Neufeld was happy to tell how much he hated it to the Ottawa Press Gallery:

The elections expert also fears half a million people could be disenfranchised based on changes included in the Conservative government’s Bill C-23, he told reporters following his appearance before the procedure and House affairs committee Thursday. (see here)

But what Nuefeld didn’t mention to the Media Party of course was how much he was given by Elections Canada:

neufeld 1neufeld(see here and here)

Tell me that for $262,000, Neufeld’s report was going to go against Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand’s biased view.

Stay tuned as I have some more examples of Mayrand paying people who then attack the Conservatives.




12 Responses to “Elections Canada paid Harry Neufeld $261,954 to trash Conservative’s Fair Election Act”

  1. Elections Canada also paying Sheila Fraser and Bob Rae big bucks to trash Conservatives | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Elections Canada CEO Marc Mayrand has handed out when you add the $262,000 given to Harry Nuefeld (see here) for his part in this obviously preconceived gambit to attack the Conservatives and save his […]

  2. Jonathan Friesen (@jondfriesen) Says:

    “B-b-b-but all the unbiased people agree with meeeeee!!!” sputtered Andrew Coyne angrily. “The Conservatives are insane paranoid ******* who spend too much. And they never consult with their political enemies, and sometimes they are RUDE to them!!! It’s obvious that Elections Canada and the press are populated by angels and all the self interested people work for Mean Steve Harper!!! I’M the REAL conservative!!! That’s why I am trying to crush the only moderately conservative party in the country!!! Why won’t you RUBES listen to me???”

  3. Jen Says:

    Why should Neufeld mention anything to the media or the media ask him tough questions when too both of them are trashing the conservatives?

  4. Sean M Says:

    This level from Mayrand is to be expected, he’s already proven to be a partisan hack, but it is astonishing and truly disturbing for Nuefeld, Fraser etc to be accepting obscene payoffs to share Mayrans warped highly partisan views. How is this a legal use of taxpayer money?

  5. Martin Says:

    I’m more than a little confused here, Did the HOC committee know the current connection with EC when he testified before them. Should that not have been made plain at the outset? Is he representing himself, or is he another voice for EC? They already heard from Mayrand how many more chances do they get to testify?

  6. Anne in swON Says:

    It’s the sudden backtracking by Kingsley that really disturbs me and provides all the proof I need to believe that the “fix” is in.

  7. bubbabrown Says:

    Everything these employees/consultants/hired hands of Elections Canada say should be prefaced with “My Boss says”…….

  8. Alain Says:

    I am confused. Since when did the mandate of EC include trying to influence legislation which is the role of Parliament? From my understanding their mandate is to ensure that voting is carried out in accordance with the law and not making or changing the law.

  9. Martin Says:

    I just saw part of testimony of a Sask native leader explaining why it is so difficult for a reserve member to show any of the 30+ pieces of identification; this before the House committee. I thought that in most cases polls were held on the reserves. Secondly that the communal nature of the system made everyone known. If for nothing else, for their own elections and affairs, wouldn’t the Chief have a valid list of the reserve residents. Finally the native identity card must be used frequently and would be a valuable piece of identity.
    Can someone enlighten us if there is any truth to the claim that natives will be severely disadvantaged by the proposed changes.Given EC initiatives to increase turnout, I assumed that natives would have one of the the easiest voting task of almost any group.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Appears Mayrand thinks he can call the shots over the elected government, and that’s A-OK with the media and the opposition. He’s like the taunting bully, I’ll do what I like and you cannot do a thing about it.
    There’s nothing wrong with the Conservative’s Fair Election Act, the list if ID’s covers everyone eligible to vote in this country.
    The loud noise against it is proof it is needed.

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