CP reporter uses anti-Conservative in article, childishly insults when called-out

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In his first gimmicky “Baloney Meter” article, CP’s Steve Rennie should have instead rated himself after using the University of Ottawa’s Errol Mendes as one of his ‘experts’ condemning the Conservative’s Fair Election Act:

Errol Mendes, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, says withholding the reimbursement or seeking a court order aren’t the quite same as actually being able to force a party to provide documents.

“It’s a brilliant diversionary tactic,” he said (see here)

And when I dared point this out, Rennie of course couldn’t defend it so he does what many other Media Party members do, he went on the attack:


No amount of smarm can change the fact that Rennie knew full-well Mendes’ anti-Conservative background yet used him anyway.

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Also: See earlier post on Mendes and his buddy Amir Attaran claiming Harper was trying to dig up dirt on them here

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