CP reporter uses anti-Conservative in article, childishly insults when called-out

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In his first gimmicky “Baloney Meter” article, CP’s Steve Rennie should have instead rated himself after using the University of Ottawa’s Errol Mendes as one of his ‘experts’ condemning the Conservative’s Fair Election Act:

Errol Mendes, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, says withholding the reimbursement or seeking a court order aren’t the quite same as actually being able to force a party to provide documents.

“It’s a brilliant diversionary tactic,” he said (see here)

And when I dared point this out, Rennie of course couldn’t defend it so he does what many other Media Party members do, he went on the attack:


No amount of smarm can change the fact that Rennie knew full-well Mendes’ anti-Conservative background yet used him anyway.

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Also: See earlier post on Mendes and his buddy Amir Attaran claiming Harper was trying to dig up dirt on them here


4 Responses to “CP reporter uses anti-Conservative in article, childishly insults when called-out”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Attaran and Mendes are ever ready to jump on any chance to diss the Conservatives, wouldn’t trust them with the time of day. It’s a slow time in Federal politics, so such we can expect such soreheads to try making trouble with accusations, poised ready to pounce at any opportunity, real or invented, with media trumpets spreading it around. If such ******* can’t sue a person for an opinion they’ll make use of HRC’s .I cannot stand the sight of either of them, they give me the creeps.

  2. fhl Says:

    Way off your topic
    I think you probably remember this
    Massive election irregularities Edmonton Centre 2006 election

  3. Liz J Says:

    Those who are yelling the loudest against the Fair Elections Act must have a problem with people having legitimate ID’s to vote which is all this act is about. Perhaps they have some people who vote who cannot produce ID, there can be no other reason. There’s no excuse for anyone who is a legal citizen of this country not being able to produce an ID to prove who they are, the list is long for ID verification. Wonder how many illegitimate voters we would find and for whom they voted we’d find if there were a way of checking back.

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