NDP MP accused of being dishonest about two Conservative MPs


NDP MP Dan Harris’ stories about two Conservative MPs are quickly falling apart.

Harris first said this about Conservative Ed Fast:

Rising on a point of order after a particularly rancorous question period, New Democrat MP Dan Harris claimed that International Trade Minister Ed Fast had directed what he described as “an inappropriate gesture, a gun, while saying ‘Boom’,” in Ashton’s direction.

Which Fast denies:

Fast, however, categorically denied the charge and told the House that Harris “is making that up.”

“It’s completely false. I made no such gesture, I said no such words. I’m surrounded by my colleagues here, and none of them saw me make that gesture or make that kind of comment,” he averred, demanding that Harris himself apologize “for misleading the House. (see here)

And Harris said this about Conservative MP Ron Cannan:

“(Cannan was) yelling at me and he had to be physically restrained from coming at me . . . He was challenging me to come outside. That kind of behaviour has no place in Parliament,” Harris told reporters.

Which Cannan also denies:

But in an email to The Daily Courier, Cannan indicated he simply suggested to Harris that if he believed a gun-like gesture was made, he should repeat those inflammatory allegations outside the House of Common. (see here)

Would anyone be surprised Harris is making up these tales?





6 Responses to “NDP MP accused of being dishonest about two Conservative MPs”

  1. Liz J Says:

    The childish antics played by Ashton and those defending her accusation are so stupid they should be ignored, total amateur hour.

    The stunning news of Jim Flaherty’s death moments ago should shock a few of these bone heads into some form of adult behaviour in the HOC.

  2. Simon Says:

    Most sadened by the untimely passing of the Right Honourable Mr Jim Flaherty.
    He was a prince among both politicians and men.

  3. Jen Says:

    Had to highlight Ezra Levant’s on Fair Election -which we NEVER EVER HEAR ON CBC CTV.

    Note: Canadians, if Afghan women can individually have an ID to vote- so can you.

  4. fhl Says:

    Jennifer Ditchburn on CPAC panel on Government and the Media Tom Clark moderator (Jim Munsen David Akin and Jason Kenny) dated 24/7 is propaganda I do NOT agree definition found here

  5. fhl Says:

    dated should read = Stated sorry
    spelling error

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