Alberta minister threatens radio station over poll posted online


Edmonton radio station 630 CHED ran the below “rape” poll yesterday before quickly pulling it and apologizing:

ched rape poll

Regardless of how vulgar, in poor taste and absolutely wrong it was for them to, it does not excuse the PC’s Minister of Labour Thomas Lukaszuk from threatening to pull government advertising:


It is unconscionable for a minister of the crown to censor media through advertising blackmail.

And tell me this is the first time Lukaszuk has intimidated a news organization.


Global News contributor’s vile comments on the death of Jim Flaherty


The viciousness of the rabid Left was on full display yesterday with the passing of ex-Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, hi-lited by ghouls such as Karen Geier:

geier flaherty ghoul

And when called-out for it, Geier doubled-down as this sampling of tweets show:


Normally I don’t put much effort in outing the average Lefty lunatic on Twitter as you would spend all day wasting your time and reacting to them is exactly what they love but Geier isn’t your average Lefty psycho.

Geier is a contributor at Huffington Post:

geier flaherty

And Global News:

geier global

I’ll be filing complaints with both media organizations and will update their responses.

Update: Global/Shaw Media has responded to my complaint:

I would like to bring to your attention a series of vile tweets your contributor Karen Geier made about Jim Flaherty, conservatives and residents of Western Canada (see attached).

My hope in sending these to you is that Global/Shaw will disassociate from Geier and make it plain that there is no place for this kind of discourse within your organization.

I await your response.



Dear Mr. Skoreyko,

Thank you for providing your feedback about Global News contributor, Karen Geier.

Global News accepts contributor material with a clear understanding that they are writing based only on their area of expertise. Contributors are vetted carefully for their expertise, focus and writing ability. They are not professional journalists, nor are they compensated for the content they provide. Nonetheless, we maintain that we are responsible for everything that we publish or broadcast. By posting articles from contributors we are associating them with Global News, an organization of professional journalists with a reputation for fairness and balance. Your comments will be shared with senior news managers who will decide appropriate action in this circumstance. Rest assured we believe in accountability, online and on-air.

Thank you again for your email.



Sheila Frise, Corporate Communications Coordinator

Shaw Media


Update: Full marks to Global/Shaw management for doing the right thing:

Hi Dean,

Karen Geier is no longer a contributor.
Thanks again for emailing us.

Troy Reeb
Senior VP, Global News and Station Operations Shaw Media

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