National Post’s Coyne just learns today Ontario banned vouching in 2003

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After many columns (see here) and endless ranting on Twitter on how the Conservatives are setting themselves up to steal the next election under the guise of the new Fair Election Act, the walking ego that is the National Post’s Andrew Coyne gets schooled by another reporter about Ontario ID laws:

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Better late than never I guess – looking forward to Coyne retracing all his columns and online comments and correcting them.

Update: Posted by Sun’s Ezra Levant

Andrew Coyne was against vouching before he was for it



CTV’s Don Martin uses Jim Flaherty’s death to attack Harper

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You really have to wonder about the mental state of a journalist who can’t understand how disgusting it is to use the death of a political ally and friend as a weapon like CTV’s Don Martin did with Jim Flaherty against Stephen Harper:

It would be fitting if the death of Jim Flaherty yesterday served as an inspiration for Stephen Harper’s government.

That somehow the former finance minister’s spirit of policy pragmatism and gentle partisanship infused the Conservatives with a drive to fix real problems; that it would stop frittering away its majority on election laws which aren’t broken; that it would cease belittling all who object as unworthy interveners.

It won’t.

It would be equally helpful if, the day before Mr. Flaherty died, the Prime Minister had seen dozens of his own MPs and ministers wildly applauding former prime minister Brian Mulroney’s clarion cry for better leadership on big ideas.

He didn’t. (see here)


Martin should be ashamed of himself.

He isn’t

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