CTV’s Don Martin uses Jim Flaherty’s death to attack Harper

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You really have to wonder about the mental state of a journalist who can’t understand how disgusting it is to use the death of a political ally and friend as a weapon like CTV’s Don Martin did with Jim Flaherty against Stephen Harper:

It would be fitting if the death of Jim Flaherty yesterday served as an inspiration for Stephen Harper’s government.

That somehow the former finance minister’s spirit of policy pragmatism and gentle partisanship infused the Conservatives with a drive to fix real problems; that it would stop frittering away its majority on election laws which aren’t broken; that it would cease belittling all who object as unworthy interveners.

It won’t.

It would be equally helpful if, the day before Mr. Flaherty died, the Prime Minister had seen dozens of his own MPs and ministers wildly applauding former prime minister Brian Mulroney’s clarion cry for better leadership on big ideas.

He didn’t. (see here)


Martin should be ashamed of himself.

He isn’t


15 Responses to “CTV’s Don Martin uses Jim Flaherty’s death to attack Harper”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Lots of scum crawling out from beneath their rocks opining on Flaherty’s demise.

  2. Liz J Says:

    This is another jerk journalist with a soap box to spread screed who should be made apologize for such insensitivity.
    What is it these people, they’re always pictured with booze in their hands? Do they spend a lot of their “work” days on bar stools trading gossip and plotting how they can demonize PM Harper? Lounge Lizards would have more scruples.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Like Star’s Thomas Walkom:

      “His death is a reminder that good people can do bad things for the best of motives…Flaherty was also a willing and active participant in Harper’s dark experiment to remake Canada along Conservative lines.”


      • Liz J Says:

        So it’s a bad thing for Harper to remake Canada along Conservative lines? Do these hacks realize we are a democracy, people elect governments often to improve how the country is run?

        The Liberal Left and their trumpets feel they have the God given right to retain power and resort to the lowest of low tactics to get it back when the people go against their policies. This is another jerk columnist who get’s disrespectful remarks in after the intro “……..that good people can do bad things”. It’s sickening but it sure does show them up for the scummy screed they get into print.

  3. Manitoba Fay Says:

    I wonder how Don Martin can sleep at night?? Canadians and Stephen Harper deserve better!

    • Liz J Says:

      Yes Fay, Stephen Harper deserves better, Canadians deserve better but right now Jim Flaherty deserves better, he deserves respect.

  4. Nicola T. Says:

    I am wondering if Flaherty’s early demise may end up pushing PM Harper not to run again. I know he is younger, but he may want to spend more time with his family. It would be a great loss for Canada but this event may make him and Laureen wonder if public service comes with too great a cost.

  5. Clary Says:

    He is one of the reasons why I buy nothing from Bell. The doof should be fired.

  6. Al in Cranbrook Says:

    Thursday was the exception in that I watched both CBC and CTV for coverage. (For some reason the latest incarnation of Shaw Cable here doesn’t give me Sun News, but I can get as much as I want from their website.)

    Aside from that, and the odd (and usually depressing of late) Canucks hockey game, neither CBC or CTV ever darken my living room.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    We should not ignore the anti-Conservative rantings, neither should we give them any ratings boost.
    CBC ,CTV are not faring that well.
    Now that the public is tuning them out it is a downward spiral.
    Faster please!
    If all you have is negative in the best performing economy in the world, which is Jim Flatherty’s proud legacy.
    It really says way more about you then the person you are attempting to denigrate JMO.
    When for the first time Internet advertising revenues are higher than that of broadcasters it is indeed a tipping point.
    They will have to change or go the way of the buggy whip factories.

  8. Another Ed Says:

    Porky Pig Martin is at it again. I can’t remember the last time I watched CTV. Martin is one of the reasons.

  9. Blame Crash Says:

    The good news is that D’oh Martin has a negative effect with the electorate. What’s really amazing is that he actually has viewers. I can’t stomach watching any television so I don’t hold myself out as any kind of expert but it must have something to do with that the truth in that Springsteen song about there being 57 channels and still nothing on.

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    You would expect this from Robert Fife and his Sunday QP Harper bashing show, but one would think Don Martin could show some respect ONE day out of the year. But then again we all know who his friends are..Susan Delecourt for one.Just check the pictures on who he drinks with in the bars. He has to earn his CTV paycheque after all. Wonder what he said when Jack Layton passed away…? What a disgusting , pathetic, cheap shot at the Govt. at an emotional time like this for the party & the country. Jim Flaherty , a classy , personable man, who sacrificed his life for the good of the country and Canadians, and Don Martin has to be a real slime to use this time to snark against the Govt. who saved our future in more ways then one. The envy of the world and apparently CTV is crapping, because it wasn’t their Liberals……What a little man Don martin is. Shameful.

  11. Bec Says:

    Don Martin just has so much vile, venom in those fangs.

    When this tragedy occurred I did surf among the networks until this snakes program came on. I then turned it off knowing full well that even if he didn’t say as much, his snarky mouth and body language could cause damage to my TV.

    It appears he clearly missed all and any lessons on class, manners and decorum.

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