National Post’s Coyne just learns today Ontario banned vouching in 2003

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After many columns (see here) and endless ranting on Twitter on how the Conservatives are setting themselves up to steal the next election under the guise of the new Fair Election Act, the walking ego that is the National Post’s Andrew Coyne gets schooled by another reporter about Ontario ID laws:

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Better late than never I guess – looking forward to Coyne retracing all his columns and online comments and correcting them.

Update: Posted by Sun’s Ezra Levant

Andrew Coyne was against vouching before he was for it



13 Responses to “National Post’s Coyne just learns today Ontario banned vouching in 2003”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Seems there’s no problem finding pics of these journalists/anti-Conservative screed writers/commentators imbibing on potent potables…that may explain how hard it is for them to keep up to speed with what’s actually going on, like “what’s happening man?”

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    Neither does Quebec where Mulcair voted last week, and only five pieces of ID are allowed, not 37 as the feds are allowing.

  3. bocanut Says:

    Ignorance is a valid excuse for the new breed of journaloser.

  4. E Mac Says:

    Yeah, like it could be a long wait. Tomorrow is Question Period and it will be interesting what this twit has to day.

  5. Blame Crash Says:

    “I am better informed now then I was a moment ago” is another way of saying ” I can’t believe that I’m that uninformed”
    Now the tricky part is how he’s going “disappear” this inconvenient fact from the record?

  6. Blame Crash Says:

    Heads up Coyne! Watch out for the…….. …post!

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Hmm is he right or wrong? Flip a Coyne.
    Actually some very sensible things in the “fair elections act”
    Funny how the same people are silent when Junior T professes his Manchild love for Chairman Mao.

    • dance...dancetotheradio Says:

      Coyne’s whole career is based on straddling both sides of an issue.
      A perfect Liberal.

  8. Martin Says:

    MM has given up trying to redo the 2011 election, they are concentrating on the next one. The question is can Coyne, and friends keep up the pace on this issue for another year and a half. Mulcair says now it will The issue for 2015. I would still like an explanation why a status native card is so impossible for a reserve member to produce. It is one of the acceptable pieces of ID listed. The Chief and band officials have a clear idea who lives on the reserve, what is difficult about the address? MM keeps mouthing this endlessly, but have they ever produced one clear example?

  9. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is a colossal a-hole, that much is clear. Now we know without a doubt that Coyne is a lobbyist for the “progressive” cause represented by the Trudeau Jr Party and the NDP commies. Not a word form Coyne or any other lefty media drone with regards to how unfair elections are in Ontario and Quebec where “vouching” (voter fraud) is not allowed. Only when the Conservatives attempt to stop voter fraud during federal elections does Coyne become “outraged” and “concerned” for democracy.

  10. Stan Says:

    It’s so sad….(sniffle), … the media are always the last to know…

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