Phony Conservative wins nomination – immediately trashes Jason Kenney in media


The Media Party are loving Conservative MP nomination winner Ron Liepert as right after beating Rob Anders, he publicly attacked Minister Jason Kennedy:

“Quite frankly I think Minister Kenney should mind his own business. He should go into his own riding and try and get re-elected in his own riding and quit monkeying around at other nominations … anywhere in this province,” said Liepert, who made it abundantly clear that he was angry at the interference.

“You’re damn right I am. Why? Because it’s none of his business.

He added that he wasn’t worried about any repercussions for his criticism of Kenney.

“I don’t care. It might and I’m quite prepared to deal with it if it does,” he said. (see here)

To which Kenney replied with class:


And don’t think the Conservative caucus didn’t notice:

eaton liepert

The Conservative Party had better get used to it – Liepert is now a cancer within.



25 Responses to “Phony Conservative wins nomination – immediately trashes Jason Kenney in media”

  1. Searle Says:

    Breaking news…Calgary Signal Hill has gone Liberal!!

  2. Liz J Says:

    I didn’t like the way Liepert kept putting down Anders, he showed no class and a lot of desperation. He’s about as Conservative a Redford, if I lived in that riding I would not vote for him. Of course, Jason Kenney is and always has been a class act, this guy is not a fit in my Conservative Party.

    • BC Blue Says:

      He ran Redford’s campaign when she challenged Anders before

      • Liz J Says:

        It ‘s starting to look like the worms are crawling into the Conservative fold to make them indistinguishable from the Liberals. We should see the F-bomb man trolling hard for support there come next election.
        Liepert has arrogance written all over him.

  3. Clary Says:

    I really want the Reform Party back. Without Preston Manning however as he is basically a Lieberal now too.

    • Liz J Says:

      Yeah, Manning seems to have changed direction. Could he be feeling a tad envious of Harper’s accomplishments, what he has been able to do, taking the Reform Party and creating a Conservative party free of the recessive progressive entity?

  4. Lore White Says:

    He better be gagged and sitting as far in the back bench as possible, with Prime Minister Harper holding a hammer over his head. What a shame, we are attracting liberal scum.

  5. Alain Says:

    Won by hook or crook is all I have to say. He like Redford is a liberal and wouldn’t even qualify as a red tory.

  6. Sean M Says:

    Sad, but typical of scum bag “progressives”, the end justifies the means.The Liberals have successfully infiltrated the Conservative party but that doesn’t mean they’ve won. Anders should run against the “progressive” in Conservative clothing in the next election, as an independent or as a Reformer… if he does he will win.

    • Liz J Says:

      I agree Anders should run as an Independent to prevent this “progressive” from infiltrating the Conservative caucus.

  7. Bec Says:

    I hope he reads this, DO NOT call me to volunteer! DO NOT call me ever!

    Coming from a Provincial Cabinet Minister who was part of the sleaziest AB election ever, I was not surprised at what occurred with this team. I have spoken to this man in a grocery line-up and he was so full of himself and arrogant. Just like he was in the Redford govt but they (his team) were out to get Anders and so yes, they succeeded only to do what the PC’s have always done, divide conservatives.

    I dislike Liepert, but even more now that the man this riding sent to Ottawa disses and makes a mockery of endorsements. Provincially, his gang did it but when it’s against him. he appears to act like a poor sport.

    Way to be a diplomat, RON, way to burn bridges and never earn an ear. What a typical entitled (fill in the blank…many options)

  8. Dave B. Says:

    This is shaping up as a takeover of a few seats. Might be a conspiracy theory, but suppose the red Tories/Liberals take over 8 or 10 ridings. Then, following the 2015 election, Harper is clinging to a slim majority. What happens when these 8 or 10 MP’s cross the floor and drop Harper to Minority status. Can you say coalition?

  9. Dave B. Says:

    Also, I’m all for open nominations, but every candidate who is nominated needs to be screened. If a nominated candidate holds zero values of the party, then he should not be allowed to stand for election. What’s stopping the Liberals from organizing the unions every time a Conservative riding is open for a new candidate? Isn’t that how Alberta got stuck with Redford?

  10. Lori Says:

    It’s a sad day for the CPC, and for Reform’s legacy It really feels like all the gains of the past 20 years are being stolen away bit by bit. Barlow in McLeod is also a bad outcome for conservatives.

  11. Bec Says:

    The riding is the wealthiest in Calgary and very young, wealthiest. They have no schools to accommodate the population (that’s provincial but so many do not understand that) and the emotions are raw.. The mood in the neighbourhood was ready for a rumble and because the Liepert camp hit early (the buzz had started to get loud in early Jan) I believe that Anders was never able to recover.

    Rob Anders has always had a challenge because he gets the whole progressive attack, always and has from day one. You sort of have to talk to Rob to get him, he calls a garden spade (pc correct) a garden spade. He WILL NOT SPEND nor will promise it. So for these young families who want STUFF, Rob would not be the guy. Liepert is the REDford minister who I believe could tell a person whatever he/she needed to hear. I cannot believe that Liepert had any Federal inclinations nor could speak in that language. They certainly did not with me but because of WHO he is and WHERE his heart is, I believe this is the ‘Joe Clark ‘ gang at work. Very much so.

    • Liz J Says:

      The Conservative party better keep watch, the Joe Clark Progressives are a bitter little cabal since their tiny rump folded into a Harper led Conservative Party. It would be folly to allow any pseudo Conservative beyond the very back benches should they get elected.
      One has to wonder if Calgary is gradually becoming another Toronto.

  12. Brenton Siddons Says:

    listened to his acceptance interview…never seen nor heard of him before…first thought…what as a$$ whole…

  13. Liz J Says:

    It may be a good idea for Lippy to hold his fire, he needs to get through an election and win. Riding Associations can sometimes get stacked too and choice of candidate isn’t necessarily going to be the people’s choice. I’d encourage Anders to run as Independent.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Running as an independent is considered sour grapes and extremely distasteful. If Anders wants to be a MP again, he can challenge Liepert next time.

    • Sean M Says:

      Yes, Anders should run as an independent. The progressively stacked riding association has made their decision, now let the people of that riding make theirs.

  14. Harry from Burnaby Says:

    I think Harper should think very carefully before he signs this guys papers to be on the Ballot as a CPC candidate. Given any excuse Harper should refuse to sign and ask the constituency assoc. to find another candidate.

    • Liz J Says:

      Why Liepert would be so confrontational towards Jason Kenney, saying he should mind his own business is hardly any way to start off in the party he hopes to represent as an MP. IMO he’s full of himself, acting like real ****** who could well have an agenda all his own.

  15. Searle Says:

    Calgary becoming another Toronto? Ouch! That hurts!!

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