RCMP need to be brought in to investigate Redford and staff hiding her personal flights

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There is two levels to the latest expense abuse scandal uncovered by the CBC involving ex-premier Alison Redford.

First is the massive number of personal flights Redford had taxpayers fund:

Former Alberta premier Alison Redford flew her daughter on 50 separate government flights, including one with her family’s nanny, a CBC News investigation has found.

Redford also used government planes to fly to Jasper for two long weekends with her daughter. On each trip, they were accompanied by a friend of her daughter, a sheriff and an executive assistant.

And the second is the cover-up involving Redford and her staff:

On March 4, about two weeks before her resignation, Redford held a news conference in which she apologized for taking her daughter’s friends on government airplanes on four occasions, and for using a plane to fly to Vancouver for government meetings, but also to attend an uncle’s funeral.

Redford said she asked her staff to “comb” through her flights to find any instances in which her daughter’s friends flew on flights. She acknowledged those flights were inappropriate and promised to reimburse $3,156. (see here)

I’m not sure if all these personal flights and potential vacations taken on the public’s purse were illegal but lying and actively hiding them was certainly criminal.


Ottawa Citizen columnist “Special Guest” at Liberal Party fundraiser


For an event titled “A Pearson Party”, the Markham-Stouffville Liberal riding association has Ottawa Citizen columnist Andrew Cohen listed as their “Special Guest” on the Liberal Party website promoting ticket sales (see here).

Ethical journalism right?

Also: See earlier post on Postmedia donating $10,000 to the BC Liberals here

Update: I’ve asked Citizen’s editor Andrew Potter if they have a policy in place regarding journalists fundraising for political parties.

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