Ottawa Citizen columnist “Special Guest” at Liberal Party fundraiser


For an event titled “A Pearson Party”, the Markham-Stouffville Liberal riding association has Ottawa Citizen columnist Andrew Cohen listed as their “Special Guest” on the Liberal Party website promoting ticket sales (see here).

Ethical journalism right?

Also: See earlier post on Postmedia donating $10,000 to the BC Liberals here

Update: I’ve asked Citizen’s editor Andrew Potter if they have a policy in place regarding journalists fundraising for political parties.


3 Responses to “Ottawa Citizen columnist “Special Guest” at Liberal Party fundraiser”

  1. Martin Says:

    There can be little doubt where Cohen’s preferences lie, he is of course a biographer of Lester Pearson. Nothing wrong with that, except last week his column trashed Diefenbaker, all because some one else had praised him. Cohen sought to set the record straight and compare him unfairly to Pearson without an acknowlegement of his strong Pearson connection.The Citizen, as is their practice also failed to note this. Among achievements Cohen ignored was his 1961 Bill of Rights; even Trudeau admitted his Charter was based or influenced by Diefenbaker’s initiative. If Liberals mention the Bill of Rights at all now, they sniff that it was only a statute and was ineffective.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Even worse is the fact that Cohen “teaches” journalism… brainwashing brand new “progressives”… as an aside, Pearson was a half wit unfit for the office of PM, second worst PM behind that colossal ***** Trudowe.

  3. Martin Says:

    Update on Cohen’s anti Diefenbaker stance:
    In a Citizen column today eulogizing Herb Gray, Cohen makes this off the wall swipe at John Diefenbaker:

    “When he arrived in Diefenbaker’s Ottawa in 1962, a residue of anti-Semitism lingered; had Gray wanted to join the Rideau Club, his Judaism would have disqualified him”.

    Diefenbaker himself was the ultimate outsider, Ottawa could never be described as being his. This is just a totally unnecessary put down of a PM
    who has been dead for decades.The insinuation clearly is that Diefenbaker was anti semitic and a stalwart of the Rideau Club. Cohen should and does know better, as he actually teaches journalism.

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