Video: Trudeau gets selfie taken with fan entering Jim Flaherty’s funeral

trudeau selfie

The picture above is Liberal leader Justin Trudeau veering off to take a photo with an adoring fan on his way into Jim Flaherty’s funeral.

It’s taken from a screenshot of CTV video footage:

Trying to out-crass Obama:

obama selfie

Trudeau ‘wins’.

h/t @Hankers

Update: Sun News has picked up the story:

A video featuring footage outside St. James Cathedral in Toronto was posted to a Conservative supporter’s blog. (see here)

trudeau selfie

Update: Trudeau’s communications personnel Kate Purchase is out trying to do damage control:

purchase trudeau

Sadly, Trudeau wasn’t the only crass politician taking selfies at the Flaherty funeral as Sun News has now updated their story to show:


Thanks to Ishmael N. Daro from Postmedia’s for pointing this out to me.





Photo: Nigel Wright cleared by RCMP made for some very sad faces at the CBC

cbc wright coyne hebert

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”

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