Photo: Nigel Wright cleared by RCMP made for some very sad faces at the CBC

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As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”


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  1. Guffman Says:

    Such sour looking mugs…
    As opposed to those who wanted him charged with an offence, I still believe Nigel Wright should receive an award for being the first public servant that I’ve ever heard of that gave someone else $90,000 of his own money, to see that taxpayers were reimbursed. And we’ll probably never see it again, after what they put him through for doing so.

    • Ken Moore Says:

      It’s appalling how reporters think their opinions are superior to the law, dismissing the judgement and headlining stuff like this at the National Post: “Just because no charges have been laid against Wright does not mean nothing happened here, or that it wasn’t wrong”. That’s the lead story this evening, opinion disguised as news.

  2. Scott M Says:

    They look like a cops just told them “Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”

  3. Lore White Says:

    They will do there best to keep dragging it up whenever possible. This MSM who think they are “gods” should all be transferred to Russia and find out what MSM is really about. These vultures need to retire.

  4. Martin Says:

    The refrain I heard endlessly from both big networks was that he was free from RCMP charges, but that the Ethics Commisioner would be investigating him further. The inference is that while technically free, he is far from “not Guilty”; We know he is guilty of something, just not sure what it is.
    Paul Wells at CTV was particularly scathing in his remarks. He is far from exonerated as far as mainstream media is concerned.

  5. Tim Says:

    I certainly believe in free speech, but the unfortunate truth is, most of the so-called journalists both here and in the States are prime examples of a need to censor the news. Seriously. They’ve declared themselves gatekeepers of truth.Most of these people don’t tell the real news anyway, they spread pro-socialist garbage or just outright lies, or at best they decide what they think we should hear as opposed to what’s really going on. Most of the whole sour lot should absolutely be replaced, or compelled to shut up or fly straight. I watch no news at all, I trust nobody in the MSM. They scream blue murder over Nigel Wright but Joe Fontana’s criminal conviction gets a complete pass. Bee Ess.

  6. jfa Says:

    Fops all!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I was disgusted by the bias shown by that panel, especially Andrew coyne. He thinks he is so intellectual , and the fount of all wisdom! He is not! I wish someone would knock him off his high horse.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    A look at CBC’s “at issue” (two days early in their broadcast)with EGG ON THEIR FACES trying to “worm” their way out of it….all connected to the LIBERANO party…the only one missing in the 3 stooges picture is Peter Mansbridge. First time I ever saw someone cleared of any CRIMINAL charges, yet the stooges did their best not to mention the words CLEARED of anything CRIMINAL. (paying back taxpayers money is foreign to CBC)The 4 idiots spent 11 months running down Nigel Wright and came up empty…time to move onto Liberal lawsuits….Trudeau and Wynne, (she would look good in ORANGE)

    • TangoJuliette Says:

      I’m waiting for Wright to drop the “Sue the rotten bastids” Bomb. For huge sheafs of “piastres.” From the lot of them. AND the CBC: Radio, TV, Websites, Bloggers etc. etc.

  9. hollinm Says:

    They did look disappointed and of course said there were many questions still be answered. Why? Duffy will probably be charged and Wright will have to testify I suspect.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Yep, it’s a pretty sad lot in more ways than one, shows on their faces, Harper derangement syndrome is getting to them.
    Now they can concentrate their frowns and smirks on Duffy in hopes they can get him charged, they’ll sure do all they can to keep it in the media.

  11. Martin Says:

    Headline on the latest Coyne column at Post Media just up is:
    Andrew Coyne: Nigel Wright was cleared but many questions remain over Mike Duffy affair.
    I guess this means Coyne is going to give the Fair Elections Act a breather for a bit, while he returns to the Duffy saga. Wonder what it would take to interest him in some of the shady events concerning the Wynne Liberals.

  12. Stan Says:

    It’s a quagmire…..

  13. Stan Says:

    The tears of the clowns!
    Give me more!

  14. Stan Says:

    How did NDP MP Pat Martin get away with accepting donations from unions to pay off his $5 million dollar lawsuit?
    I thought union donations to federal politicians were illegal.
    Where were the media on that one?

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