Video: Trudeau gets selfie taken with fan entering Jim Flaherty’s funeral

trudeau selfie

The picture above is Liberal leader Justin Trudeau veering off to take a photo with an adoring fan on his way into Jim Flaherty’s funeral.

It’s taken from a screenshot of CTV video footage:

Trying to out-crass Obama:

obama selfie

Trudeau ‘wins’.

h/t @Hankers

Update: Sun News has picked up the story:

A video featuring footage outside St. James Cathedral in Toronto was posted to a Conservative supporter’s blog. (see here)

trudeau selfie

Update: Trudeau’s communications personnel Kate Purchase is out trying to do damage control:

purchase trudeau

Sadly, Trudeau wasn’t the only crass politician taking selfies at the Flaherty funeral as Sun News has now updated their story to show:


Thanks to Ishmael N. Daro from Postmedia’s for pointing this out to me.




12 Responses to “Video: Trudeau gets selfie taken with fan entering Jim Flaherty’s funeral”

  1. Lianne Says:


  2. Beachdude Says:

    WHAT A HACK!!!! I wonder if the media party will show this?

  3. fhl Says:

    I watched media follow JT like little lap dogs

  4. Sean M Says:

    A funeral is the perfect place for little Justy to take advantage of his media led “celebrity”, junior really enjoys posing, whatever the event, it’s all about Trud Jr… classless twit.

  5. Nicola T. Says:

    Funny, I said to my husband yesterday “I wonder if Trudeau will take a selfie at Flaherty’s funeral and imitate Obama?’ and lo and behold.

  6. Liz J Says:

    If Trudeau had a modicum of class he’d have walked straight into the Cathedral, ignored the fools in the media as well as the silly ass “fan” or “fans” who were also classless, this was a funeral, not a rock concert. Of course we all know the depths the Liberals will go to, case in point, the Wafer affair against PM Harper at the funeral of a former GG. which was a scandalous lie.
    The more we see and hear from this lout aspiring to become Prime Minister the less appealing he should become to all responsible, informed Canadians. With two party support, the Liberal Party and the Media Party,it’s going to take some smart communication strategies to ensure he never gets his hands on power.

  7. Bec Says:

    Trudeau’s interview at the service was a waste of tape. It felt hollow, insincere and pretentious particularly when he referenced Mr Flaherty at a time supporting his father. A sense of timing fell flat.

    To politicize and sell yourself at a moment that should be reverent and respectful just seems so disconnected and certainly suggested a certain lack of judgement re decorum.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Look at his expression when he was in the church; he was almost scornful. NOT A NICE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Media Party elites not happy I exposed Trudeau’s funeral selfie | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] What the Media Party absolutely doesn’t like is us lowly bloggers influencing public opinion and when we do they mock, attack or smear like the National Post’s Andrew Coyne did after Sun News picked up my blog post on Trudeau snapping a selfie at Jim Flaherty’s funeral (see earlier post here): […]

  10. Canadabuster Says:

    Great job exposing the hypocrisy, Coyne is going ot be pissed for a while lol..

  11. fhl Says:

    What is a selfie?
    Rob ford picture both men have their hands occupied I do not see the camera ???????

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