Media Party elites aren’t going to like me making the news again!


Yesterday some of the Media Party elites had a public hissy-fit over my blog post outing Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s obnoxious selfie at Jim Flaherty’s funeral (see here) so I can imagine they are grinding their collective teeth again after the Sun’s Michael Coren had Marissa Semkiw on his show who mentioned my campaign (see here) to expose the hateful tweets about Jim Flaherty from now ex-Global contributor Karen Geier (see here apx 2:00 min mark).





3 Responses to “Media Party elites aren’t going to like me making the news again!”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Sick ********. Marissa Semkiw on SNN called it “human scum” who would tweet such vile comments about Flaherty, far beyond the realm of decency, they really are scumbags.

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    Ezra did the first part of his show last night on Trudeau and his lack of class and respect entering Flaherty’s funeral, plus a whole lot more examples of Trudeau’s past childish behaviour.

  3. Roy Elsworth Says:

    it’s so refreshing to have another Andrew Breitbart out there to take on the media biast way to go dean like I said on twitter keep it up keep calling out the leftist on the media use there own tactics against them. Andrew Breitbart saids you have to play there game if it means calling them out then do so get down in the mud if need be.

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