Postmedia sponsoring CBC’s Peter Mansbridge speech


Besides giving huge donations to political parties like the BC Liberals (see here) is Postmedia via the Calgary Herald now lining the pockets of CBC journos like Peter Mansbridge?

I put a question mark there because Mansbridge claims he donates some of his speeches to charity although no proof has been given.

This isn’t the first example of the Canadian media’s incestuous world – CBC and Postmedia have had a very cosy biz relationship in the past (see here).

cbc national post

But there’s no Media Party right?

h/t Norman Spector


8 Responses to “Postmedia sponsoring CBC’s Peter Mansbridge speech”

  1. fhl Says:

    Why is the media party against all that is good for Canada and Canadians?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Wonder just what Mansbridge as a news reader on CBC could be speaking about that would be non-political and of general interest to make it worthwhile for Postmedia interests?

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    The strange, incestuous little world of Canadian Progressive Media.
    Then again what does “news reader” Mandsbridge take home in the way of wages?
    CBC is wounded , layoffs at Mother Corps !
    Then I ran across this , Mr Kinsella rakes young Justin for his “If you like your candidate, you can keep your Candidate” bull****
    Apparently you get to like the candidate young Justin and the backroom boy’s and girls pick.
    Interesting turn of events and kudos to Mr Kinsella for his assesment of the Liberal jiggery-pockery.
    Young Justins seems to be channeling Obama.

    • Liz J Says:

      Bubba, we are not privy to what we are Mansbridge for his tight mush delivery of news as the CBC sees it, apparently one of Canada’s top secrets.

      As for Mr Kinsella, I’d never get too excited when he goes after his leader Justin, he will make up for it next appearance or next column. He will criticize him if he thinks what he’s doing will hurt the LPC with bad optics, bad publicity follows.

    • Jen Says:

      channelling Obama? Since the very first day Bubba.

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