Canadian middle-class tops in world – Trudeau’s lie now fully exposed

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This has turned out to be a disaster of a day for the Liberal Party as not only has a new poll showed the Conservatives leading (see here) a NY Times article completely destroyed Justin Trudeau’s entire campaign theme:

After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — now appear to be higher than in the United States. (see here)

middle class ny timesIf we had a balanced Press Gallery, Trudeau would have been shredded long ago on his BS about Canada’s middle-class (see here) so don’t hold your breath now.




17 Responses to “Canadian middle-class tops in world – Trudeau’s lie now fully exposed”

  1. E Mac Says:

    Finally, the truth emerges.

    • tim Says:

      Now you and I both know our leftist garbage dump MSM will go to criminal lengths to hide this truth ’cause it exposes their hero as the liar he is.

  2. Beachdude Says:

    Have not seen this story on the CBC, no wonder their golden child did not know what the middle class actually is.

  3. Steven Says:

    Not posted at Nationalnewswatch either
    Canadian MSM suck

  4. Liz J Says:

    Sad when we have to do our own sleuthing to find the truth, bypass the mainstream news media, including the one we support which supports the Liberal/Left.
    It’s like a reverse commie regime, the media is against the government chosen by the people. In China, a regime which Trudeau admires, the media would never diss their rulers. In both cases the people lose, kinda makes you think just how thin the line is between democracy and dictatorship.

    When a media can interfere and mess with information needed to make the best choices for the country we have to be constantly alert lest we end up with some incompetent tool as leader. Trudeau himself is not fit to run the country and the party behind him is an empty shell, no Manley, no McKenna, just old hangers on like mouthy Ralph Goodale and Hedy Fry, and Doorknob Wayne Easter to name a few…..

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Well put Liz J, what would we know with no SNN or the internet.
      The Liberal narrative from “open candidates” to Juniors economic absurdities, funeral selfies and open admiration for dictatorships is breathtakingly juvenile.
      Yet Media fartcatchers fail to notice.
      They breathlessly report about Al Gore and Babwa Striessland flying their jets to Washington to talk about Climate whatever with Obama.
      The NYT article about Canada is a keeper.
      Think how much better things would be if Ontario had not borrowed itself into 5X the debt load of Calafornia.
      But our media is focused on Rob Ford and a single rude yapper at a charity affair.
      On the plus side “Nathlie” must be pleased, havent heard much about her lately.

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  6. Martin Says:

    This story is now up at Post Media outlets, without too much comment, but still not worthy for CBC.Important stories there are Herb Gray not receiving a state funeral, the humpback whales, and temporary foreign workers.
    Usually CBC hangs on every word of NYT, but not this.

    • Liz J Says:

      Speaking of Herb Gray, fine Liberal, served them well in Parliament, never gave direct answers to questions, he was masterful in that regard, I’m sure all Liberals would think him worthy of a state funeral and they’ll be whining on, Paul Martin certainly put his two cent’s worth in for it.

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    Sun news reporter tonight tried to get Trudeau to explain the new study about Canada’s Middle Class being at the top..he refused to answer…he just gave her a bunch of bla bla bla and kept walking away in a hurrying huff looking like a childish fool….this was on the (Liberal) David Akin Sun news show and of course Akin said…” well this is what Harper does”. NOOOOO..Pm Harper has NEVER walked away in a blabbering HUFF followed by a Sun news reporter or any other reporter…EVER. PM Harper is a lot smarter then any of the MSM and would answer any of their questions in a situation like this was and the reporter would of been shown to look like the dumb fool he most likely was…not PM Harper. Akin has a habit of defending everything the Liberals(and NDP) do by bringing up some BS the Pm did or excuse some Liberal foot in mouth crap. I am so fed up and sick to death of David Akin…he should slide on over to CBC and join Evan Solomon and Greg Weston and Mildewski…what is he doing on Sun News…anybody??He isn’t FOOLING people like he sneakingly thinks he is, campaigning for the CBC and Liberals. Time to call him on his comments .

    • Liz J Says:

      Akin is off base on Harper, he never walked away mumbling when asked a question point blank. Trudeau is caught on this one, his handlers are wrong in feeding him this info and he himself has no clue about the so-called Middle Class so he wouldn’t know the difference. When you are fed info and spout it around without researching it yourself you have no answers. Should be one fun time when election time rolls around, debates could be brutal for the Dauphin.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Most people know that Junior dope smoker doesn’t have a clue about the “middle class”, or anything else for that matter. Junior is just a trust fund millionaire with an infamous name, he’s about as serious as a fart. The radicals pulling his strings are playing the class warfare card like the good little marxists that they are. I guess Juniors handlers believe the same divisive class warfare politics employed by the far left in the USA would also work here. This is a case where the marxist rhetoric doesn’t match the reality on the ground. Trudopes handlers are going to have to conjure up some other scheme to divide Canadians in their pursuit of power at any cost.

  9. Angus Says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone other than a giggling 18 year old girl would fantasize about Lil Pierre becoming the next PM. This, by the way is were his fanbase is. The demographic that doesn’t bother to show up on election day because they are too busy apply makeup. Lil Pierre couldn’t find his ass with both of this hands and he expects that the people will blindly support this receipient of a mult million dollar trust fund. He and his handlers need to go away.

    • Liz J Says:

      I blame the LPC itself for pushing Trudeau to the top rung of their pathetic party as their only hope, he’s far from ready to govern and would be an embarrassment to Canada after the great respect PM Harper has around the globe.
      As for his heritage, his inheritance, that’s not his fault but he sure can’t equate with anyone struggling in the middle class or below and would be wise to do his homework before acting like he knows something about it when he doesn’t. Maybe he should look for handlers and advisers who know what’s going on and feed him some backup for answers so he won’t have to scamper away from tough questions.

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