CBC runs story saying Conservatives rigged whale stats in order to push oil tanker traffic


For a reporter to accuse two federal ministers of collusion which would put a whale population at risk is pretty damn serious:

Environment  Minister Leona Aglukkaq, with advice from Fisheries Minister Gail Shea, is recommending that the Northern Pacific population of humpback whales be downgraded from “threatened” to “species of special concern.” The recommendation for the change to the Species at Risk Act was published in the Canada Gazette Saturday.

The move comes as the government readies for a decision on the approval of the pipeline, which would feed oil onto a tanker shipping route that overlaps with what environmental groups describe as “critical habitat” for the whale.

Karen Wristen, executive director of the Living Oceans Society, said the decision “has absolutely no basis in science and is simply a political move to clear the way to approve the pipeline. (see here)

CBC reporter Emily Chung as well as ministers Aglukkaq and Shea had all better hope the stats back up their claims.


7 Responses to “CBC runs story saying Conservatives rigged whale stats in order to push oil tanker traffic”

  1. Liz J Says:

    The CBC reporter has the “story” running, it’s up to the Conservatives to stand up pronto and nip it in the bud, give us the straight goods. With Parliament not sitting this week we will probably be hearing lots of crud from the media party which will need addressing as to the facts, the plain truth. Our Conservative Government is very lax in taking such action in a timely fashion, they sit back until lies are spread far and wide, resulting in many never hearing the truth.

  2. tim Says:

    Blue, this is exactly what I was talking about when I said that journalists need to be monitored and sanctioned for spreading b.s. Their opinions don’t count as news neither do their fabricated stories. If they refuse to act ethically and responsibly shut them down. The public does not need chronic liars telling them what’s going on.

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    Global Donna Freson has this story set up as her opener on Toronto Global for tonight….she is a LIBERAL and never misses a beat to trash PM Harper and the Conservatives.. ..even if the story is borrowed from the propaganda CBC trash. Anything to avoid reporting on the McWynne corruption.

  4. bertie Says:

    And how in hell do we shut them down????There apparently is no way we or the Government can shut these papers down.And we cannot stop them from lying or making up scandals up.ANYONE?? any ideas to prove this statement false.Don,t say cancel subscription,,been there done that..They don,t give a crap because they know they can carry on as long as they want with their lies and the government can,t do a damn thing about it.I,m sure that this is a fact or something would have been done before now.

    • Angus Says:

      How do we shut the CBC up. Cut there funding and put them out to pasture, that’s how we shut them up.

  5. BDFT Says:

    You can’t even argue with these econazis. When presented with facts they just dismiss it as “big oil” propaganda. They’re right, you’re wrong. End of story.

  6. Media Party’s Whalegate proven to be a lie – Humpbacks are doing great | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] penning a full retraction and apology or their resignation letters for their attacks yesterday (see here) over the Conservative government downgrading the humpback whale […]

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