Governor General should keep his mouth shut about Earth Day


I am so sick of Ottawa elites telling us regular Canadians to ‘do our part’ for the environment while they lead a jet-set life-style with massive carbon footprints:

Governor General David Johnston is celebrating Earth Day by calling on Canadians “to take action, to speak out and to foster change in favour of a more sustainable way of life — for the sake of humanity and all living things.” (see here)

This is from the same guy who in just three years had travelled to 27 countries (see here) and lives in this 95,000 sq ft mansion (see here) paid for by taxpayers:


Ottawa hypocrites make me want to vomit.


6 Responses to “Governor General should keep his mouth shut about Earth Day”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Those are the kind of comments I expected to come from former GG’s and CBC’ers Adrienne Clarkson and Michaelle Jean. I expected ALOT more common sense out of Johnston. I really despise that environmental preaching!

  2. manitoba fay Says:

    Disappointing, I expected more from this governor general.

  3. Robert Connon Says:

    Where all the losers that PM. Harper has appointed coming from We have Duffy,Wallen, Braziou, Johnston and no one knows who will be next. Are all these losers lieberal sleeper agents?

  4. Bec Says:

    If “Earth Day” meant that all of the TEENAGERS who throw the remnants from their backpacks in my hedge could knock it off. Quit ‘polluting’ the air with their weed. The adults who pick up those kids, quit and make them walk or take the bus, I could be bought.
    I was conserving all things energy when I was 20 something because I cared and it cost me less. I have always cared about pollution, the water ways (I live in the mountains so of course we do) and doing more for our planet. DO I like to be preached too? NO and don’t lie which is what the current batch of environmentalists are doing. It’s a mental disorder with them and if they could just figure out to function their rants and mental disorder in conjunction WITH the economy as a functioning asset, they would win.
    However, they are so dumb, so disassociated with reality that they have lost the true mainstream, movers and shakers.
    Had they, this would be different but now we have exposed that it’s about them and not the planet.

    The GG is a PC-er and part of that group, imo

  5. Liz J Says:

    I like this GG, he seems such a regular fellow, but he has lost me with this nonsense. His current residence is temporary as he serves this appointment but given he’s so worried about sustaining the earth he’ll surely want to live clean and green, solar panels on his roof and wind turbines whirring close by when he leaves this posting.
    We need to be concerned about the brainwashing of our kids in our schools and from influential people.

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