Green’s May calls Harper’s PMO staff “psychopaths”


The crazy parade that is Elizabeth May continues with this latest slander of Prime Minister Office staff:

Speaking at a town hall in Nanaimo, B.C. on April 13, the federal Green Party leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands called the PMO “a $10-million-a-year partisan operation filled with ruthless, cutthroat psychopaths.” (see here)

And of course May’s fans love it as this comment left on Metro News’ website demonstrates:


may psychopath

All fun and games until one of these lunatic May followers takes it upon themselves and ups the stakes thinking they are saving Canada from Harper.

It’s not like these things don’t actually happen here in Canada (see here) and (see here).

Also: See earlier post where Liberal Bob Rae called Harper’s PMO staff ‘terrorists’ here


12 Responses to “Green’s May calls Harper’s PMO staff “psychopaths””

  1. Liz J Says:

    Whatever did the PMO staff do to get such a diagnosis from the Queen of Greenies? Over the top comments like this are telling more about Lizzie May than the PMO staff.
    If May cannot grow her party in we know she’ll join the Liberals, she and Justin would be quite a comedy act as jesters in the HOC, no one with a brain beyond a turnip could take them seriously.

    A commenter calling the PM a “psychopath”, “shades of Karla Homolka” is disgusting stuff, might have to retract and apologize but alas, we have free speech for all but Conservatives at all levels in politics and out.

  2. bocanut Says:

    May has called Canadians “stupid” and now she’s ramped up her desperate need for attention by calling the PMO psychopaths both times apparently “in jest”.
    There’s a lot of dirt in her hijacking the Green party for her own personal glory so she might want to keep the attention whore in her in check .

    • Jen Says:

      she said ‘canadians are stupid’, that includes her constituents, friends, most definitely the MSM, her staff members and all those who work for her and her enviros nutbars.

  3. Guffman Says:

    I wouldn’t even call Lizzie May a psychopath… ‘crazy’ maybe, ‘a raving idiot’ possibly, ‘delusional’ and ‘completely out of touch with reality’, sure… but “cutthroat psychopath” is definitely way over the top. It’s so far over the top that I would think only the real hardcore, far-out-there lefties as delusional as herself (Pat Martin comes to mind) wouldn’t see what an absolutely stupid phrase that is to use.
    In a way though, ti’s encouraging to hear these kind of desperate comments coming from all sides of the opposition. They all know that the chance of Stephen Harper getting another majority in the next election is pretty strong, and they’ll seemingly resort to any extreme speech or tactic they can to try to turn Canadians off him, for lack of any substantial policies and facts to battle him on. And the crazier they get, the better he looks 🙂

    • Hans Says:

      Ms May has no evidence of bodies being discovered about the PMO with ‘ear to ear smiles’ across then neck. Further the “Jolly Roger” is not flying from the Peace Tower and CO2 isn’t ‘gassing the planet’.

      Her statement is as cruelly farcical as it is monumentally stupid.


      Hans Rupprecht Commander in Chief

      Frankenstein Battalion
      Knecht Rupprecht Division
      Hans Corps
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North”

  4. Scott M Says:

    Elizabeth who?

  5. Martin Says:

    One of May’s alternate gigs in case the political thing plays out, is studies towards an Anglican church ministry, Seems a bit lacking in Christian charity calling a Canadian PM a psychopath, but perhaps that’s just me.

    • Liz J Says:

      Can just imagine that Green Thing screeching from the Pulpit of a church or being a religious adviser to a flock. If the Anglican church is losing followers I don’t think Green Lizzie will help matters.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Little” Green Lizzy, all in a tizzy
    A majority of one
    Her only fun
    Is pretendin’ the Earth has a fever,
    Alas, no one belives her

  7. JI - a very concerned Canadian, currently living in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island Says:

    Tood bad I missed MP May’s Nanaimo event in April. As a politically in-the-know Nanaimoite, I would loved to have been there! Sure was lucky for her that she finally found an electoral district in Canada that saw fit to elect her … Saanich-Gulf Islands … or she wouldn’t be where she is today!

    Below are just two examples of what I am constantly exposed to on my Facebook newsfeed. Understand that today, (Sat, May 3), the protest in Nanaimo, (there is one on a daily basis in this region), is called “Wake Up Call Waking up the Masses World Wide March” and Nanaimo resident, Ron Stead hosts a facebook page on today’s event. Cynthia Joan Morrison’s facebook posting of May 1st (below), talks about the 4 day event across Canada. Apparently, she is a member of a facebook group “Council of Canadians – Regina Chapter” and is from Kentville, NS.
    P.S. – the Mid-Island Chapter of the C of C has an excellent record with their requests of Nanaimo City Council, whenever they appear as a delegation … Nanaimo resident, Paul Manly, son of retired MP Jim Manly, heads up the local chapter.
    Ron Stead
    April 15 at 4:50pm
    I was at a town type meeting on Sunday, with Elizabeth May, and according to her, decent is building within the ranks of Harpers caucus. There has to be a big letter writing campaign to those members as well as the back benchers of the party, to bring him down. Apparently, even his own party is recognizing him for what he is, and with some persuasion could be brought to act. It can be done.

    Cynthia Joan Morrison We have a legal paper petition to get signed at the 4 day event across Canada….demanding the Gov General fire Harper for actions against the Charter of Rights….it will be presented in the House of Commons….(see the Canada event page for the WUM)
    May 1 at 7:13pm • Like • 2
    **”Mob rule” is alive and well in Canada, as well as rule by the Council of Canadians. Wonder where all their funding actually comes from?

  8. Nanaimo Says:

    Further to the following quote taken from the above comment that was posted on May 3: …. “the Mid-Island Chapter of the C of C has an excellent record with their requests of Nanaimo City Council, whenever they appear as a delegation … Nanaimo resident, Paul Manly, son of retired MP Jim Manly, heads up the local chapter.”

    If you’re interested in what’s happening federally in the new ED of Nanaimo-Ladysmith, Paul Manly, (son of former NDP MP, Jim Manly), wants to be the NDP candidate. Drumming up support on his new FB page and my guess is that Elizabeth May will NOT run a candidate against the NDP.
    Paul Manly
    Make Paul Manly your candidate for Nanaimo-Ladysmith. The riding area has been redrawn to encompass from South of Ladysmith to North of Lantzville.

    He wrote the following on his personal FB on May 1 about the “Cons” –
    Paul Manly Agreed Mark Fanjoy ! The Cons are hawks that are all to willing to put Canadian troops in harms way but then abandon them when they return home. It’s disgusting what the Conservatives have done to disrespect veterans. Returning to a nation that stands for diplomacy and peace keeping is paramount.
    May 1 at 11:59am • Like • 3

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