Media Party’s Whalegate proven to be a lie – Humpbacks are doing great

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There are many Canadian journos who should be either penning a full retraction and apology or their resignation letters for their attacks yesterday (see here) over the Conservative government downgrading the humpback whale status.

The most egregious that I saw was the Globe and Mail editorial which flat-out stated the Conservatives were putting whales in jeopardy so they could push oil tanker traffic:

But if Ottawa approves the pipeline, it must still persuade Canadians that the highest environmental standards have been met. On that count, the Harper government’s recent decision to downgrade the protection of humpback whales off the B.C. coast ranks as an epic fail. (see here)

The problem for the Globe editor and many, many other journos along with other anti-Conservatives is that this decision was based on science:

A member of the federal advisory committee on endangered species said Tuesday that good news, not bad, lies behind the Harper government decision to reduce protection of the North Pacific humpback whale. (see here)

First Trudeau’s middle-class lie falls apart (see here) and now this – rough week for the Media Party already and it’s only Wednesday.




3 Responses to “Media Party’s Whalegate proven to be a lie – Humpbacks are doing great”

  1. Mary Hines Says:

    The problem we have – “they put the lies out there, but never the retraction,” so the people do not know the truth!. Once people hear a story, it is entrenched, and that is all they remember…. and that is what the MSM is counting on. I have yet to hear the CBC, although I sometimes check their website, I never watch their channel, write one thing about our Middle Class being ahead of the US….and what was pretty boy going to do now. I suppose they will say, well the US is in such bad shape, didn’t mean much, but it was good enough for Trudeau to go to the US and get all of Obama’s men to try and help him look good and play the part. We all know where that got the US and what the world thinks of Obama now!! I really don’t think it was even mentioned on their webpage. and I don’t expect the new poll numbers to be repeated = re Harper ahead of the golden boy first time since January. … If they hear anything negative about the Conservative Government, they are gone with it, anything positive for the Conservatives, the articles are shredded immediately.

  2. bocanut Says:

    After the recent cuts to the CBC it seems that the petulant members of the media party have banded together and ramped up their misinformation campaign against the Conservative Government.
    If they continue they will become close to resembling the same kind of media that existed in 1930’s USSR and Germany spewing out partisan propaganda to further their “Progressive “agenda.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Apologies , but have to call it what it is, a whale of a lie, they need to be called relentlessly on this crap. It reminds of the big Polar Bear lie, they were rapidly declining of the polar ice cap melt due to the global warming, another huge scam.

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