Media Party continue going after Harper’s family

ben harper

Last week we saw a concerted smear of Laureen Harper (see here) and now this week, after an ambulance was called to attend to a 18-year-old woman the night of Stephen Harper’ son’s birthday party, the attacks continue:

Drunk teen picked up by paramedics outside 24 Sussex same night as party for PM’s son

And inexplicably included in this story were tweets from Ben Harper’s friends:


Because apparently Postmedia thinks it’s good journalism to troll people’s innocent Twitter accounts and post them (see here).

The more desperate the Media Party becomes, the more personal the attacks.





28 Responses to “Media Party continue going after Harper’s family”

  1. Guffman Says:

    As I was saying in one of your recent posts, the more desperate the media and opposition get in trying to bring down Harper using ridiculous stories like this, I think the more they’re just putting people off, and making them more likely to support Harper. This non-story is a perfect example of that.
    I’m sure they’re all heartbroken as well that the robocalls case has been dropped – two years and millions of dollars later (Elections Canada says $650K but there’s no way that’s the true figure). And the only one charged after all that was a Liberal!

  2. john Says:

    CBC ran it as the second story on the National last night. we are forced to give these idiots 1.5 plus dollars a year and in return they give us gutter journalism.

    • john Says:

      that should read 1.5 billion plus dollars a year

      • Harkov Says:

        It doesn’t matter; they are still not worth the $1.50

      • Martin Says:

        One story they didn’t feature prominently was the NYT musings on Canadian middle class. I had to Search it on their web site and the story had comments disabled. CBC generally hangs on every word of NYT, but not this time.

  3. Liz J Says:

    To be sure they’re trying to work up a big story where none exists. It’s irresponsible journalism at best, at worst it’s playing dirty pool to get something on the Prime Minister’s family. That’s the level politics has been taken to since the media became a “Party”.

  4. robins111 Says:

    If i recall several B-day parties when I was 18.. It was generally assumed that everyone would get hammered and at least one girl would pass out… Never made the news though… Talked to my 20 year old grandson and its apparently still.the same…

  5. Alain Says:

    And this is the same media party that swooned when Justin promised to legalise pot. What a pathetic bunch of agenda-driven lunatics.

  6. Beachdude Says:

    WOW, no Wright cheque scandal, middle class suffering myth debunked, no robo-call faux scandal, so now this is all they got on the PM? Well, if families are free game, can we now discuss Justin’s mommies history at 24 Sussex? Or her time in New York with Mick, Keith or Geraldo all while as our first lady?

    • Angus Says:

      Or Margaret’s crotch shot at Studio 54. Don’t see that picture on the Liberal website.

  7. Harkov Says:

    Meanwhile, the little fop Trudeau admits using an illegal substance like dope and the media gushes about how edgy and hip and modern and cool and with-it and regular he is.

    Why even pretend to be objective when, well, you’re just not

  8. andycanuck Says:

    And if the party started in Quebec and wasn’t confined to 24 Sussex, the legal drinking age there is eighteen.

  9. Liz J Says:

    BTW, wouldn’t Ben Harper have security?

  10. Sandy Says:

    Now their faux robo call scandal is debunked they have nothing else. This is the best they can do, go after teenagers. The woman was actually found at the west gate so there is no evidence she was actually an invited guest, but that doesn’t stop the media and the left from spinning their noxious webs.

    • Liz J Says:

      Good points Sandy. This is a silly story worthy of a gossip rag which is right in line with the Media Party’s core mandate, to skewer the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper, including his wife and family.
      If any of these sorry excuses for journalists really think we believe the PM, his wife or his son had anything to do with a drunken teen at the gate of their residence they’re on another planet. Let’s call them what they’re playing at, Gossip Mongers.

    • Sandy Says:

      Just so regulars know, this “Sandy” is not Crux.

      • Sandy S. Says:

        sorry, I’ll try to remember to use Sandy S. next time.

        When are those Ottawa ‘reporters’ et al going to apologize !!!!!

  11. Sean M Says:

    I believe it was Ezra, or perhaps BC Blue who labeled the media as “Mean Girls”… This non story may have the media inexplicably hyperventilating and hysterical, but it also illustrates the notion of the media as, “Mean Girls” … gossipy twits trolling for scandal where none exists. The media’s desperation to “get the Government” and insert the dopey son of the medias hero Trudeau #1 into the PMO has rendered them impotent, irrational and irrelevant.

  12. taxpayer Says:

    Everyone knows that after hours in Ottawa (like about 5 PM, when I served there), you went to the “Chaud” in ‘ull. They went ’til 3 AM, or so and the drinking age was 18. Things haven’t changed, it seems.

    Hell, you could fire a canon down Sparks Street then, at 6 PM and never hit a thing! Most everyone who was anyone was in ‘ull, or snugged up with all those young ladies advertised in the Yellow Pages. Pages of ’em, too.

    That hasn’t changed either, I bet. Makes me wonder what all those Lamestream Media Partygoers do once they detach themselves from their “pals” in the Chateaux Laurier bar. Sleep? I doubt it. They’ve got ’til lunch next day to sober up & clean up for a new day.

  13. old white guy Says:

    if the cbc wants to run stories about drunk teenagers they should spend time on the university environment. maybe even some high schools.

  14. Sandy Says:

    The woman was found on the driveway at the westgate so was actually inside but we don’t know if she was invited or how she got in. It’s amazing how much the media (and commentators) can extrapolate from the little we know. Facts be damned, fire the torpedoes and full steam ahead with another faux scandal. The usual culprit over at the Citizen should get an award for fiction of the year.

  15. Justin Says:

    Harper is attacked for a private underage drinking incident at his home but it’s A-OK for Saint Justin to smoke illegal drugs while sitting as an MP.

    The media party, everyone.

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