Will Postmedia reporters Maher and McGregor now give back Robocall media awards?

mcgregor maher

The photo above was taken after Postmedia journalists Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher were given an award for their ongoing reporting of the robocall scandal – they are dancing to a “Pierre Poutine song inspired by the journalists’ robocall investigation”. I’m not kidding (see here).

So when Sun News’ Ezra Levant asked today if Maher and McGregor will be giving back these media awards (see here apx 16:00 mark) it’s not a rhetorical question.


Think about it, these two won multiple news media awards for a story that never happened.


12 Responses to “Will Postmedia reporters Maher and McGregor now give back Robocall media awards?”

  1. E Mac Says:

    Journalistic integrity – they are not the only ones who are lacking of it, their are many others whom we all know.
    There is no shame.

    • Angus Says:

      Yeah. here’s a few. The Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, The national Post , the CBC (Biggest Left wing, liberal BSers, on the planet). The list goes on and on and on…..

  2. Guffman Says:

    I was wondering this myself… receiving multiple, top journalistic honours based on a story that was FAR more fabrication than fact. 1000 stories of what turned out (once again) to be leftist, media-hyped fiction, and these two were the lead hypesters from the beginning to the end. Not only should they lose those awards, I hope they lose any audience they had, and that informed readers turn the page when they see their names attached to any story from here on.
    As well, the industry should be ashamed of itself for awarding these honours in the first place, lauding 1000 stories written purely on speculation, innuendo and an anti-conservative agenda. The only award they should have received should have been for the VAST amount of crap they produced about a non-story – they surely set a record there. It’s unbelievable what a pathetic low journalism has hit.

  3. Liz J Says:

    The award should be given back if not taken back unless it’s called an award for fiction.

  4. Fat Tony Says:

    I wondered that my self when I saw Ezra’s show. Maybe these two should have that question tweeted to them, and their face book pages too.

  5. Fat Tony Says:

    This award will for now on considered a joke award to any future recipient. The criteria to receive it is incompetence. Any credible journalist would want to distance them selves from it now.

    • Guffman Says:

      Kind of like the Nobel Prize now, after they oawarded it to Al Gore and Obama for doing absolutely nothing.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Wow! 3,581 “stories” which all could have started with “Once upon a time”
    I don’t think the “Awards” should be given back.
    I think they should be renamed “Seinfelds”
    The award about “nothing”
    As meaningful as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.
    Democracy dies when you reward lies JMO

  7. Martin Says:

    The chances of Post Media , or the two reporters feeling contrition for their stories are nil; they feel they did nothing wrong, that the CPC escaped on a mere technicality, They are guilty all right, EC just is unable to prove it; much of the robocall saga was made up from leaks from EC.

    An interesting column in todays Citizen explores the ethics of the American Pulitzer Prize being awarded to the Washington Post and the Guardian for their coverage of Edward Snowden’s leaked classified documents. Columnist Mohammed Adam discusses at length the issues involved without mentioning anything in a Canadian context. He states “We don’t have a Canadian parallel, but does it really matter whether the source is a thief or a traitor, when the end product turned out to be so enormously revealing and important”

    Well, some of us might see a slight parallel with what these two wrote, but not the Citizen editorial board, of which Adam is a member.

  8. Stan Says:

    Call it what it is: a media scandal.
    Call it the Post Media Robocall Fake scandal, the Maher/Macgregor Imaginary Fraud scandal, M&M Gate, the Media/LeadNow scandal, CBC Bullshitpalooza, or whatever.
    Hang the smelly mess on their necks, where it belongs.

    We need a catchy name for it.
    Maybe a contest?

    • Liz J Says:

      We can keep talking about it but our platform is limited. We could go to the Sun, Ezra might like to get a name it contest going…..

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    I see NDP MP Charlie Angus the NDP “ETHICS” nitwit is still blabbering the lies along with Mulcair. Wasn’t Lead Now an NDP group? Guess none of them like eating “CROW”. The award should be renamed “the desperation award.”

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