Photo: Redford caught vacationing in Palm Springs

The above photo of disgraced ex-Alberta premier Alison Redford dining in Palm Springs with her daughter was tweeted by Edmonton Sun reporter Matt Dykstra so I assume it has been verified.

Redford hasn’t shown up for work since resigning amid expense abuse scandals (see here) but is being allowed to continue collecting a pay-cheque.

If this is a non-sanctioned holiday I would imagine it a criminal offence for Redford to be receiving her salary.

Stay tuned as this could get good.

Update: Leigh Patrick was the one who broke this (see here)


8 Responses to “Photo: Redford caught vacationing in Palm Springs”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Springtime in Alberta is one of the most beautiful places in the world,but it doesn’t have an iota of snob factor which Redford obviously craves.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps she’s on a mental health break after the stress of being ousted from leadership. No doubt a lot of her constituents would enjoy a break in Palm Springs too. Maybe not the best example to be setting for her daughter but we don’t know the circumstances.
    We could use an ousting of our provincial leader in Ontario, it’s long past due and damage continues to be done to the province, scandals be damned as McWynnty keeps spending and promising as only Liberals can do, oblivious to the fact we are in have-not territory.

  3. Martin Says:

    Dalton McGuinty was rarely seen in the Ont legislature after resigning as premier, but not as MPP. I am unaware of any law requiring attendance and he was never docked any pay. In any case it would seem churlish to argue over MPP salary after he wasted $1.1 B on the gas plant scandal alone. I marvel at Alta being able to dismiss a premier for a mere $45,000, though I realize that was just the final straw. Ont still has McGuinty’s successor firmly in place and still wasting billions in useless wind energy follies, while the province sinks into permanent debtor status. I envy Alta.

  4. jckirlan Says:

    Paul Martin never showed up in the HOC after he was deposed. Remember how the Media party covered up for him saying that he was, “doing important international work.”.
    I went so far as to call his constituency office to ask why.

  5. Blue thru & thru Says:

    She’s probably off on a “medical” leave. I’m sure a Doctor’s note was not hard to come by for the ex-Premier.
    Most people who have faced the humiliation she’s faced would probably be off on stress leave so I suppose it could be justified. However, she really should have resigned because I can’t really see her being an effective MLA in the next 2 years.
    Perhaps she’s looking for a plumb appointment with a big salary and an even bigger travel budget. 😛

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