My complaint filed with CBC Ombudsman for reporters accepting cash prizes from US union organization

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Sent today to CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin:

I was troubled to learn that CBC journalists have been accepting awards from the Sidney Hillman Foundation, a left-leaning US organization that claims to honour journalists who provide “deep storytelling in service of the common good.” The organization’s board is heavily dominated by union executives allied with the Democratic Party, and indeed, the organization’s very logo is based on the famous “O” logo of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

I believe it is important that journalists working for Canada’s public broadcaster do their utmost to maintain a political, partisan, and ideological neutrality in the course of their duties, and I believe that neutrality is compromised when journalists accept awards from openly ideological organizations such as the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Such acts undermine public faith in the CBC’s ability to remain objective and unbiased in the course of their reporting, which is critical to the organization’s legitimacy as a taxpayer-funded institution designed to serve all Canadians, regardless of political loyalty.

Does accepting cash awards and free trips not break the CBC’s conflict of interest guidelines and are there other partisan organizations that give similar prizes to CBC journalists?


8 Responses to “My complaint filed with CBC Ombudsman for reporters accepting cash prizes from US union organization”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Do you have an interpreter for the corporate bafflegab you’re about to receive?
    Good luck!!!

  2. Guffman Says:

    Complaint is well worded… I’m anxious, like ‘bocanut’, to read the CBC corporate BS response you receive.

  3. Searle Says:

    Except for the odd non-news or commentary program I can’t view anywhere else, I gave up on the CBC years ago as little more than a left-wing ad agency. Nothing it’s “reporters” have to say are of any interest.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Cash Prizes” for writing articles for the “common good”
    Is that not like a certain politican getting “paid” 20,000$ for speeches that last 20 minutes.
    Seems to this old guy these practices stink. The first of bribery.and the second of illegal campaign contributions JMO

  5. Sandy S. Says:

    Excellent. It’s about time that we conservatives became more active. While leftists claim to be engaged in grassroots advocacy, it is really an AstroTurf fraud driven by professional rabble-rousers and financed by foreign elements tied to the US Democrats.

  6. Bettie Says:

    Evan Solomon and one of the people on his power panel both said the conservatives had a bad week. My question is, “how so?” They like to call white, black. We know they actually had a good week. Robo call vindication and Nigel wright decisions showed that the conservatives were telling the truth all along. The media and left just can’t let it go.

  7. Jen Says:

    Once the Unions give money which comes from union dues from hard working people of all race creed and political backgrounds, that (dues)money is NOT given freely- it comes with a price. Imo.

  8. mahmood Says:

    Still no reply, the state funded wordsmith has his/her hands full with this one…lol.

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