Bob Rae flies Desmond Tutu into Ft McMurray to trash oil sands

adams rae tutu

It’s bad enough that when celebrities like Neil Young come to Canada to bash our oil sands and CBC employees like David Suzuki lend a hand (see here) but when prominent Liberals are behind undermining this Alberta industry, it’s a massive political scandal:

The South African Anglican Archbishop is in Fort McMurray for a two-day conference on aboriginal rights and climate change. The conference has been organized by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Toronto-based law firm Olthuis Kleer Townshend. (see here)

What Sun’s Vincent McDermott somehow missed in his story was Liberal Bob Rae is a senior partner at Olthuis Kleer Townshend:


The previous leader of the Liberal Party is helping destroy one of Canada’s most important industries – media firestorm for Trudeau coming, right?




Star admits subscription rates crashed over Rob Ford coverage


Haven’t we’ve been told by the media there is an insatiable public appetite for 24/7 coverage of Rob Ford?:

star ford

Just don’t think that they will have learned their lesson – they know what is news and we don’t.

CBC fed Canadian Press reporter letter to attack Conservatives


A red flag shot up in my head when I saw this story by Canadian Press’ Dean Beeby:

The Conservative party’s public attacks on the CBC have been “wilfully destructive” and undermine its independence, says a newly uncovered letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper from the broadcaster’s Tory-appointed former chair (see here)

Call me paranoid but I get very suspicious when a reporter suddenly ‘discovers’ a 4 year old letter that just happens to slam the Conservatives – tell me someone at the CBC didn’t feed this to Beeby.

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed as Sun’s Mark Dunn notes:

The Canadian Press said the letter was released last month under access to information, but didn’t explain whether it filed the request or was given the document.

Its disclosure comes at a time CBC loyalists and opposition MPs have been bemoaning budget cuts and the significant loss of advertising revenues. (see here)

As did Sun News’ Brian Lilley who rips CP and CBC (see video here).

The CBC is playing a dangerous game feeding anti-Conservative stories to other news orgs’ reporters because if they get caught, they are toast – that would be all it would take to get their funding pulled.

While Harper commits $3.5billion to save 3rd World children, Macleans’ Paul Wells has hissy fit

trudeau wells raj

In what was an amazingly good news announcement from PM Stephen Harper that Canada will pledge $3.5 billion to the United Nation’s in order to “improve maternal, newborn and child health care in the poorest, crisis-ridden countries” (see Star editorial)  Macleans’ Paul Wells writes about, the Media Party:

Here’s the page of information for reporters at the “Saving Every Woman, Every Child” summit Stephen Harper’s government is running in Toronto. Highlights:

“Media representatives may consult liaison officers at the Media Centre information desk for all their needs. Officers may travel with media representatives in some instances.” In practice, this turns out to mean that reporters are being escorted to toilets like three-year-olds.

“Media accreditation will allow access to the media centre and media activities. However, some events will be accessible only through restricted pool coverage.” In practice, this means that reporters are being kept for extended periods in a “media centre” to which no images or audio from the conference floor is transmitted. And they are not permitted to leave it. While it is true that “some events” are accessible only through pools — one or two reporters whose accounts of activities are shared with all interested colleagues — it is also true that most events aren’t accessible at all. 

And you know what? All they had to do was tell us. If there had just been a line on the website that said, “NOTE: Reporters will not be permitted to cover most of this conference, even if they show up,” Maclean’s would not have darkened their door. We’ve got better ways to stay busy.

Wells apparently makes the decisions for Macleans on boycotting events based on his 2nd hand perceptions of access issues – I wonder if Macleans’ owners Rogers Media are aware of his editorial power? Think about the amount of arrogance it takes to declare something like that.

And instead of mentioning the reaction and support of Harper’s announcement from Bill Gate’s wife Melinda:


Wells whines about access again:

The entire afternoon program was going to be off-limits today until a few of us made some fuss on Twitter and reporters were permitted to hear Melinda Gates speak.

But the icing on the cake is Wells informing us Conservatives that the guy who took us to government and won the last 3 consecutive elections is ruining our party because he’s not nice to the Press Gallery:

Now he’s done it again, picking a fight we weren’t interested in, for no reason. Harper’s instincts are sometimes really bad, and when his latest advisers let those instincts win, reporters are the least of their problems. Their problem is Stephen Harper. (see here)

This of course is only in Wells’ creepily vicious, self-centered Harper-Derangement plagued world – in the real one, peoples’ lives are being saved.

Postmedia reporter lies to shield Trudeau from candidate quitting over abortion policy


Apparently the only person in Canada that is confused about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s decree of banning pro-lifers from running as candidates is Postmedia’s Lee Berthiaume:

Trudeau has insisted he will not bar anyone from the party for their views on abortion, but insists they vote pro-choice. (see here)

And don’t forget about Berthiaume’s editor who allowed this lie to be published.

Because every other journo in Canada was wrong:

Trudeau says that if you’re pro-life, you can’t be a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada (see here)

Are the standards so low nowadays at Postmedia that it’s considered cool to flat-out lie – guess as long as it helps protect Trudeau right?

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