Multiple NDP MPs posed with and promoted IRA murder suspect – Canadian media silent

gerry adams

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has now been charged in connection with the murder of a mother of 10 (see here) but his associations with the NDP,  its MPs and leader Jack Layton have so far gone unmentioned in the Canadian media:

sinn fein

angus adamscomartin adams

Crack is whack but posing with someone with deep terrorist connections, not so much:

chow adams

Adams “I have never disassociated myself from the IRA and I never will”

Note: The top photo shows Gerry Adams (on far right) at the funeral of an IRA commander in Belfast in 1971.


Liberal candidate slams Trudeau for rigging nomination in Trinity-Spadina federal by-election

trudeau star

Another example of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s open nominations pledge has been exposed as a complete lie as MP candidate Ryan Davey withdrew his bid and publicly ripped Trudeau for fixing the nomination so his chosen candidate Adam Vaughan wins:

As part of a renewed Liberal Party – one that would do politics transparently and democratically – we were promised open nominations. However events over the past few weeks have led me to decide that this nomination process has been a de facto appointment. While it’s the leader’s prerogative to recruit and select candidates, the clear identification of favoured candidates creates an imbalance in support that is difficult to overcome for other candidates. Further, the nomination rules for Trinity-Spadina were changed so that all candidates received the membership lists and forms prior to being green lit, which provided Adam Vaughan with critical information that all candidates had waited several weeks to receive. Regardless of the outcome, these circumstances have not been consistent with an open nomination process. (see here)

This is the second time Trinity-Spadina has been involved in Trudeau gaming this nomination – Christine Innes has filed a lawsuit against Trudeau and Liberal Party officials after her candidacy was pulled in a Liberal scheme (see here) to oust her.

Imagine if Harper was doing this and what the Media Party fire-storm would look like.

Also: The photo above run by the Star was provided to them by Trudeau’s campaign (see here).



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