Postmedia’s Stephen Maher smears entire Conservative gov’t as racists over murdered FN women

mcregor maher stanford

In what is the most vilest, shameful column I have ever read in any Postmedia newspaper is this disgusting column by Stephen Maher titled “Things would be different if we were talking about 1186 murdered or missing white women”:

The government does not appear to like discussing missing and murdered aboriginal women, likely because doing anything about it would cost money, and there are no votes in it for them….

…I don’t believe he [Harper] would talk like that that if we were talking about 1,026 dead white women, and I don’t think the government is taking action proportionate to the problem. (see here)

Now, think about how Maher is the same reporter who also wrote 1,000 robocall stories.


No bias or agenda there right?

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